Monday, May 3, 2010

a busy weekend!

phew, i feel like i need a weekend from our weekend! we were BUSY!!! but it was great :) we got to do pretty much everything i love...hanging out with friends - old and new, spending time with family, hanging around the house, ignoring the laundry pilling up in the basement, watching the derby, loving on R and P, going to church, hosting a meal in our home and celebrating P's 1st birthday. it was wonderful!

in case you want more details, here's what our weekend looked like in full:

R was off school for "pre-derby day"...aka... "the teachers want to go to the oaks race and there are not enough substitutes to cover for them" day. also, the boys' regular thursday visit with their mom was cancelled because the visitation center had to close all week due to derby festival events and traffic, so they made the visit up on friday. thankfully, after some negotiations, the boys' SW was able to arrange for transportation for them to and from the visit because i really did not want to have to take another day off work. they had a good visit and were able to celebrate P's b-day with their mom.

after work on friday, i picked them both up from my mom's and we did some last minute shopping for little P's big day. *oh the joy of having a 1 year old! he didn't even realize that all those things in the cart were his gifts :) after shopping, we were met at home by ryan and he said that our friends, jon and bethany, from college were going to be stopping by with their new little guy, jonah. let me just tell you, he is adorable and sooooo little!! if the Lord ever blesses us with a biological baby, i'm not sure that ryan and i will know what to do with someone so small! we had a great time catching up with jon and bethany. they are also passionate about adoption and new parents, so we had a lot to talk about!

little P's birthday started off right: a chorus of our family's version of "happy, happy birthday" and a lazy morning/afternoon at home. thankfully, i wasn't too panicked about getting things together for his derby birthday party because all of our guests were family and i had done most of the preparations already. i enjoyed having all my boys home and just relaxing before the party festivities. when everyone arrived that evening, we grilled out (despite the monsoon outside!) and ate lots and lots of food.

P was super sleepy so he napped during most of his celebration, but he woke in time to watch the derby race. P was so cute because throughout the race, he kept referring to the horses as "da dogs". i don't think his 1 year old mind really grasps the difference in horses and dogs yet, but we're getting there! we all drew horses and cheered on our respective choices. ryan chose the winner, super saver, but we were all happy to see a louisvillian jockey, calvin borel, win again!

after the race, P opened his mound of presents. he was so overwhelmed by all the awesome gifts that he didn't know which to play with first. he got some great stuff including a riding firetruck, a car that he can be pushed around in outside, an water play table, and more! i'm still not sure where we're going to store all of the gifts, but we'll just have to make room :) after the presents, next was cake! P had an oversized cupcake all to himself, but i don't think he was a huge fan. he kinda played in the icing a bit, but he never dove right in as we hoped. i think he was too freaked out about the icing being on his hands to really do much else. after a long bath and scrub, his party came to a close. we were glad to be able to celebrate little P's first year of life with him, and hope that we can do the same for many more years to come.

we went to church and had a special missions commissioning service for all the people at our church going on missions trips this summer. out of our pretty small congregation (around 150 people), it was awesome to see that 11 people are going on mission trips this year. God is definitely at work and it will be exciting to hear about how He works through everyone's trips. after church, we had our small group over for lunch and a movie at our house. i was glad that we got to stay inside for awhile and didn't have a lot of errands to run because it was still raining outside, which makes for perfect movie weather! after our small group left, the boys and i just hung around the house and took a breather from the craziness of the weekend.

we had a great weekend, and i hope you did too!