Monday, January 26, 2009

feels like a monday!

phew, it was a long day at work today! we were trying to get all our year-end tax donation letters out and were having some difficulty with a software program we use for fundraising. needless to say, i felt like banging my head against the computer at one point, but finally got it all worked out!!! the letters are now printed and ready to be mailed out to all our faithful donors hallelujah!!

anyways, on top of all my computer drama today, i am worrying over baby sam today. my sister is back in court about custody and the continuing saga of trying to make him a part of our family forever. i can't believe that he's 5 months old already, and even more, i can't imagine giving him back now!!!! his mom is making progress and is supposedly off drugs and got a job at a local factory - however, i'm still not convinced that she has the life skills or parenting skills to really take care of 2 little boys under 2. i am just praying that if she does get them back, then she will have truly changed and be ready to raise them in a loving home. i just can't bear the thought that they (sam especially since my sister's family has raised him since he was 5 days old!) would go from the loving home environments they are in now to something not even remotely close. sam just has such a sweet spirit and is really coming into his own personality, and i don't want to miss out on seeing how he changes as he grows!

i guess this whole saga is one of the major black clouds hanging over my thoughts about pursuing foster care adoption. while it is really the avenue ryan and i feel like God are calling us to right now, seeing what baby sam and my sister/clan have been going through makes me anxious to say the least. i guess i just have to keep reminding myself (and ryan has to remind me too!) that adopting a child into our home has been a calling from God, not only our plan, so He will perfect it!!! i know that doesn't mean the way will be easy, but i do know that ultimately He will see us through.

ok, well i'm off to do a little jazzercise with 15 strangers of my closest friends. hope you have a lovely evening!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

ok, so i am a slacker for various reasons:
1- i have not posted in an eternity!
2- i have not taken up fact i cancelled my gym membership altogether and decided to join jazzercise (long story for another time)
3- according to my mother-in-law...we still have not given her any grandchildren to call her own

for all these reasons, i'm feeling like quite the slacker today. i have just been really unmotivated to blog or stay connected to the internet world for some reason. i haven't even really been checking facebook much even, but maybe this is a good thing. maybe this means i am actually working on real relationships - you know, the kind where people talk in real life, face to face. or maybe it is just that i don't feel that i have much exciting to share. my life seems pretty monotonous most of the the movie groundhog's day (except that i've actually never seen it so i can't testify to this myself, just heard lots of people talk about it). i basically wake up, go to work, come home, jazzercise or go to a church function, dinner, hang out with the hubby a little and go to bed. pretty boring, huh?

anyways, since i haven't posted in a long time, i thought i'd give the latest on what's going on with me and ryan:
-work has been super stressful this week b/c of a board meeting. however, i did survive and now just need to catch up on some much needed sleep :)
-ryan had a job interview yesterday and thought it went pretty well!! he's got a second interview with the same company next week and a first interview with a different company next week as well. i hope they both go well and we have a clear answer as to which he should pursue!
-we are going to see Wicked next Thursday and i can't wait! it will be ryan's first real show he's ever seen, with the exception for the crappy ones he saw on school field trips in grade school
-we are still aboard the adoption train and are just waiting to see how things pan out with ryan's interviews so we have a better idea of when we can get started with the process. we are still praying about how/where to adopt but are trusting that God's plan is better than anything we can come up with on our own.

that's all the interesting updates i can think of for now. hope you have a great weekend! i'll be home sleeping :)