Tuesday, April 28, 2009

good news is in!

this just in...

...ryan has been offered a job!!!!!

yes, you read that correctly! after months of whining, worrying, fretting, crying, complaining, begging waiting patiently, he is officially moving on to new company. i was seriously questioning if this day was ever going to come or if God still has some unfinished business for ryan at his old job. so, he is going to talk with his new boss again on wednesday to work out his exact start date but i couldn't be more excited! after a lot of disappointment along the way, this job search has proved to be a major time of growth for both ryan and myself spiritually and for our marriage. now we just need to keep praying that this new job is all it is cracked up to be and that ryan and i do not drive each other crazy with all this extra time we will have together. :) in light of the new job, here are the top 10 things i will NOT miss about him working at hh gregg:

1. never being able to fix dinner ahead of time because when i did - he would be late, the food would be cold and i would be mad

2. waiting in the parking lot for hours for him while he "finished up with a customer" and would "be right there, i promise" so we could have a date night or go run errands

3. attending countless weddings, parties, meetings, family functions alone...i sure did love my independence :)

4. vacation? what's that? oh, something we're supposed to do together? hmmmm...what a novel idea!

5. 2 words - HOLIDAY SCHEDULE (aka - 60 hours of week and no "us" time, well unless you count sleeping)

6. rushing from church to slurping down lunch to home so he could change and get out the door to work every sunday - just thinking about it gives me heartburn!

7. the beloved uniforms which are comprised of black, high water pants and a plethora of blue, long-sleeved, button-ups all complete with stains from years of use and fast food lunches

8. the mid-day calls where i was coerced into buying the "latest and greatest" gadget just so he could give his customers peace of mind that what they were buying was a great product

9. sitting on hold for 20 minutes waiting to ask him a quick question, only to be told that he was with a customer all along

10. when asked about his day, ryan responding with stories that involved more letters and numbers than actual words (ie - well, that 1080p 42" lcd dropped to $1052.20 from $1400 and so model 1023xyz now replaced 2359abc...you get my point)

God is so faithful!! bye bye hh gregg, hello new life :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

update from all fronts

so, we started our foster/adopt classes last week. now we only have 8 weeks to go!! there seems to be a pretty mixed group of people in the classes so it could get interesting. i think if anything, they are preparing us for the worst of the worst, and i'm glad because i know that i have a tendency to idealize some situations. i guess it's that whole glass half full thing, but that's kinda hard to do when dealing with foster/adopt. there is just no way to positively spin some of these kids' stories, well except that they are hopefully safe now. so, lots to learn and lots more classes to do it in. ready or not, here we come!!

on other fronts, we feel like ryan has some promising leads on a new job but nothing concrete yet. his best opportunity would be for a job starting the first week of may, which would be perfect for our time frame. i'm not sure if anything will really materialize from this job, but i sure am praying that it would! he's got a second interview next wednesday, so i'll keep you posted.

also, we ordered our crib about 2 weeks ago and went to pick it up on saturday. it's still in the box since we've got A LOT of painting still to do in the nursery, but just seeing the box in the room gets me excited!! here's what the crib will look like when assembled:

and here's the matching dresser/changing table we're getting too (if it ever comes back in stock!):

i can't believe that in a few months we really could be parents! when i think about that, i get the urge to run out and buy stock in christian parenting books but i must refrain for now. i've already got a stockpile of books on adoption, foster care, trans-racial parenting, etc. that i need to get through first!!! i think ryan will disown me (or at least cut me off financially) if i don't resist and read what i've already got first.

tonight is week 2 of classes, and call me naive, but i'm ready to get this show on the road!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

change of plans...

friends, there's been a change of plans. after some crazy DRAMA with ryan's job search, we're back to square one. he's now back to the grind of applying and trying to basically start over. so, with the recent change of plans (our plans that is...obviously God has something different in mind), we've also made a change to our foster/adopt plans. after some serious cry sessions prayer and meditation last week, we've decided to change when we're taking the foster/adopt classes. before we were planning on doing the fast track classes from may 16 - june 13, which met on saturdays, but since ryan will still be working at the beloved hh gregg, he will still have to work every saturday. so with that in mind, we've decided to go ahead and begin the classes TONIGHT!!!!!! our new classes will meet for 9 weeks instead of 4.5 weeks, and will be thursday nights from today, april 9 - june 11 (ahem - my birthday!). we will still get done around the same time and will have longer to absorb all the information, so i think it's probably a better plan in the long run (see i knew He knew what He was doing all along).

anyways, so now i'm extremely excited and nervous all at the same time. i can't believe we're already embarking on this journey! adoption has always been in the back of my mind but now it is more real than ever. i just hope our classes are easier to bear than they have been for some of our friends. apparently even time outs are an unacceptable form of discipline in the state of kentucky. no wonder there are so many poorly behaved children in public places these days. a good round of spankings and time out always did the trick for me as a kid!

well, wish us luck...here goes nothing!!