Friday, April 10, 2009

update from all fronts

so, we started our foster/adopt classes last week. now we only have 8 weeks to go!! there seems to be a pretty mixed group of people in the classes so it could get interesting. i think if anything, they are preparing us for the worst of the worst, and i'm glad because i know that i have a tendency to idealize some situations. i guess it's that whole glass half full thing, but that's kinda hard to do when dealing with foster/adopt. there is just no way to positively spin some of these kids' stories, well except that they are hopefully safe now. so, lots to learn and lots more classes to do it in. ready or not, here we come!!

on other fronts, we feel like ryan has some promising leads on a new job but nothing concrete yet. his best opportunity would be for a job starting the first week of may, which would be perfect for our time frame. i'm not sure if anything will really materialize from this job, but i sure am praying that it would! he's got a second interview next wednesday, so i'll keep you posted.

also, we ordered our crib about 2 weeks ago and went to pick it up on saturday. it's still in the box since we've got A LOT of painting still to do in the nursery, but just seeing the box in the room gets me excited!! here's what the crib will look like when assembled:

and here's the matching dresser/changing table we're getting too (if it ever comes back in stock!):

i can't believe that in a few months we really could be parents! when i think about that, i get the urge to run out and buy stock in christian parenting books but i must refrain for now. i've already got a stockpile of books on adoption, foster care, trans-racial parenting, etc. that i need to get through first!!! i think ryan will disown me (or at least cut me off financially) if i don't resist and read what i've already got first.

tonight is week 2 of classes, and call me naive, but i'm ready to get this show on the road!!


Laurie said...

Oh so glad to hear you are reading!! I was just telling my husband today that I get tired of reading adoption blogs where people are using negative language like "giving up a baby" and sharing too much info about birth families. I said "doesn't anyone read up on being an adoptive parent and what that means anymore?!!!"

So proud of you and your array of books!!