Monday, January 19, 2009

ok, so i am a slacker for various reasons:
1- i have not posted in an eternity!
2- i have not taken up fact i cancelled my gym membership altogether and decided to join jazzercise (long story for another time)
3- according to my mother-in-law...we still have not given her any grandchildren to call her own

for all these reasons, i'm feeling like quite the slacker today. i have just been really unmotivated to blog or stay connected to the internet world for some reason. i haven't even really been checking facebook much even, but maybe this is a good thing. maybe this means i am actually working on real relationships - you know, the kind where people talk in real life, face to face. or maybe it is just that i don't feel that i have much exciting to share. my life seems pretty monotonous most of the the movie groundhog's day (except that i've actually never seen it so i can't testify to this myself, just heard lots of people talk about it). i basically wake up, go to work, come home, jazzercise or go to a church function, dinner, hang out with the hubby a little and go to bed. pretty boring, huh?

anyways, since i haven't posted in a long time, i thought i'd give the latest on what's going on with me and ryan:
-work has been super stressful this week b/c of a board meeting. however, i did survive and now just need to catch up on some much needed sleep :)
-ryan had a job interview yesterday and thought it went pretty well!! he's got a second interview with the same company next week and a first interview with a different company next week as well. i hope they both go well and we have a clear answer as to which he should pursue!
-we are going to see Wicked next Thursday and i can't wait! it will be ryan's first real show he's ever seen, with the exception for the crappy ones he saw on school field trips in grade school
-we are still aboard the adoption train and are just waiting to see how things pan out with ryan's interviews so we have a better idea of when we can get started with the process. we are still praying about how/where to adopt but are trusting that God's plan is better than anything we can come up with on our own.

that's all the interesting updates i can think of for now. hope you have a great weekend! i'll be home sleeping :)