Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day in a nutshell

1) i hope all you mothers out there had a great mother's day! i am so thankful for the wonderful mother God gave me. she is truly an example of a godly woman dedicated to her children and grandchildren, and i hope to leave half the legacy for my children that she has for jenn, stuart and me. she is always a phone call away, and always has been. in fact, there were many times when i was away at school or newly married and living in a different city, that i would call her needing to talk or vent. she would always listen, give advice, and/or drive on up to see me in person. she has also been a HUGE help to ryan and i on this foster journey. she joyfully keeps baby P for me while i work, and most days, he would prefer her over me any way!! she is a constant sounding board for my rollercoaster of emotions with "the system", and always offers an encouraging word or prayer. i could not have been born and raised by a better mother, and i hope to continue to share some of her love with my children one day!!

2) our church had a baby dedication yesterday and i think it seriously included at least half of our church body! we are very blessed to have many young families and sweet new babies so it was fun seeing them get dedicated on a special day. i pray that maybe next year ryan and i will get to join our church friends on stage to dedicate our sweet little one from ethiopia!

3) after church, we had lunch with my family, celebrating my mom and my sister, jennifer. my brother-in-law, jason made lunch for everyone, which i heard was quite a treat. unfortunately, i had to lay low on eating much as i am still recovering from a stomach bug that rocked my world saturday afternoon/evening. not a very fun way to celebrate moms!

4) for dinner, we went over to ryan's parents' to celebrate with ryan's mom. the boys grilled out and played basketball while my mother-in-law, joyce, helped me try to contain little P. he was all over the place and has become such a fireball these days! i don't think he'll ever keep still again. it was great to spend time with our families and the weather was beautiful! i love spring in kentucky :)

5) i know mother's day is bittersweet for many, myself included this year. i spent a great portion of the day reminded that i'm not really a mother yet, and that's a hard reality. after the stress of court last week, i really wasn't up for celebrating mother's day for myself so i asked ryan to skip out on any festivities. he was thoughtful and i still got a sweet card from him and the boys before heading off to church. for those of you who are also waiting, i pray that you can take heart with me in knowing that God's plans will not be thwarted! i am hopeful that one day soon i'll have the lofty title of "mom" but until then, i'm trying to cherish the moments i have with R and P before they head back to their mom.