Thursday, May 27, 2010

hello summer!

ok, so it is HOT here in the bluegrass state! wowsers. and it's not actually even summer yet!!

i'm sure the heat is magnified though by the fact that the air conditioning keeps going out in our suv. not sure what the deal is, but it's going back to the shop this week for a new air compressor. i don't think we can brave the hot and humid kentucky summer without getting that silly thing fixed. poor P is drenched in sweat every time i lift him out of his car seat. sorry buddy, i guess the plush car seat cover isn't a great thing during these warm months!!

all this warm weather has me thinking of and looking forward to our summer plans. we don't have a lot of major stuff going on but it should be a great few months! {i'm hoping we'll keep busy so we can keep our minds off of waiting to travel to ethiopia.}

although we're still unsure about what we'll do with R during our work day, i'm still looking forward to a few months with R where we don't have to worry about checking homework, locating missing progress reports or disciplining him for cussing out other students :) it will certainly be a nice break for us parents too!

until things get worked out with the state, my amazing mom has volunteered to keep R & P, along with my sister's girls, while ryan and i work. however, i know R, and all he'll want to do is watch tv and play video games at my parents' house, which is what we're trying to avoid. we do have him signed up for a variety of camps, including 2 different basketball day camps and 1 overnight camp. he's never done anything like those before so he's really excited. we have also requested permission for ryan to take R to boston with him in a few weeks. R hasn't traveled much and ryan wants to share one of his favorite cities with him. {truthfully, i'm a little jealous!! i want to go to a red sox fair!}

ryan and i are also looking forward to getting away alone for a couple of nights at the end of june to celebrate our anniversary. {man, i can't believe it's been 4 years already!!} he's traveling to a conference for work so i'm going to join him and enjoy some r&r and alone time with my hubby. oh, how i long for adult conversation :)

we're skipping our beach/disney trip this year because of pinching pennies for ethiopia but we are going to take our annual family trip to georgia this summer for a week in july! despite having no air conditioning, tv, internet, etc. while we're there, the trip is the one thing i look forward to every summer. i've only missed the trip twice in my whole life, and i hope it's a tradition we can pass on to our kids one day. plus, R loves to be outdoors, fish, etc. so he'll have a blast boating and going to the state parks.

in august, i'll be heading back to afghanistan for a couple of weeks, leaving ryan on his own with the boys for the first time. i'm really looking forward to the trip and can't wait to see how much change and progress has been made there since my trip 2 years ago. i will be going with a team of educators who will be training afghan teachers how to teach english to their students. we will be primarily working in a school for street children. the students at the school come to learn for a half day and are provided with a hot meal before returning to the streets to beg or sell small items like gum or phone cards. the school opened after my last trip so i'm excited to finally get to interact and love on the kids that i've heard so much about!

well, i think that's pretty much it for our summer! what are y'all's plans??

*ps~ i mailed in all our dossier paperwork to our agency yesterday, minus the finalized home study. the rest of the paperwork has been done for weeks but we're still waiting on the beloved home study after having to make a few minor changes to the draft they sent us last week. i'm hoping we'll get it soon since it has been a week since i submitted the changes. i didn't think i would be this anxious to finish up the dossier and get it to ethiopia, but i am! i just so ready to be officially "waiting"...