Wednesday, April 28, 2010

quick update

our home study went great yesterday, and i'm relieved to have it out of the way! thankfully, the social worker did not check under the beds, in our drawers or closets, nor did she conduct a white glove test so we should be in the clear!! she even had a great conversation with R, which really warmed my heart. when asked about what role he would like to play if he's still around when we bring our kiddo(s) home from ethiopia, he replied, "i'd be their brother". very heartwarming! ryan and i were in another room within earshot of his interview and both almost shed a little tear...

besides the home study, i have also been working on getting some of the groundwork for our fundraising efforts out of the way. as we continue to complete each next step for the adoption, we have to pay some pretty serious cash towards the adoption. like i've said before, we are trusting that God will fund this adoption if He favors it, but we're not just going to sit around and hope $15,000 shows up on our doorstep. as soon as we receive our completed home study, we hope to begin applying for some adoption grants and possibly even a no-interest loan if it is necessary.

we also hope to begin selling our fundraiser t-shirts in the next 2 weeks! i love, love, love the design and i have to give another shout out to our brilliant designer friend and soon-to-be bride, elizabeth. because of all her hard work and dedication to the cause of bringing home our sweet little one(s), i think you should check out her blog here or buy something from her etsy store here. i promise you won't be disappointed!! if you know any one who would be interested in supporting our adoption by buying a shirt, please let me know! we've order 100 shirts to start with, but i would love to be blown away by how many more we need to order because of additional interest :)

so, that's all i really have for now. ryan and i are off to his boss' house tonight for dinner with some folks from their manufacturing plant in china. i love cross cultural experiences so this should be interesting!

have a beautiful rest of the day :)