Monday, May 10, 2010

elizabeth is getting married!

as i believe i've mentioned previously, my dear friend, elizabeth is getting married this july. on saturday, my other dear friend, lindsay, and i, had the pleasure of hosting her 1st bridal shower for her. it was a great time and definitely brought back some fond memories from when ryan and i were engaged. the shower was a great time to celebrate elizabeth {aka...eb} and to also get to catch up with our other girl friends from middle school and high school. we played games, ate cake, watched eb open gifts, and had lots of catching up to do.

i hope eb enjoyed her special day as much as i did! here are a few pictures of the fun...

*lindsay, eb and i

*typical elizabeth moment...bossing her sister to take a picture of her opening her presents :)
*lindsay's mom hosted the shower in her beautiful home! it hard to see but i made this little banner that says {eb hearts(symbol) matty}
*the yummy cake!
*some of the pretty decor lindsay put together