Thursday, May 13, 2010

arise for children

i just want to give a little plug {not that many people read this anyway, but i can pretend :) } for the wonderful agency we are using to adopt our ethiopian kiddo(s): arise for children. we felt God's leaning towards ethiopia pretty strongly prior to deciding on an agency, but after meeting with the folks from arise and other families working with them, we knew it was the right fit for us!

we like the agency for many reasons but here's just a few:
*they are a small agency and local to our area. we don't feel like a number and they work very hard to help families get their kids home as quickly as possible!
*every month there is a "waiting families fellowship night" where waiting families can meet with the agency, hear updates about the program, pray together and walk together during this uncertain journey.
*their expenses were very reasonable and comparable to other agencies.
*they have a heart and a passion for the Lord and doing His work. they love the kids they are bringing home and the ones who are left behind in ethiopia. they have other programs in place to serve the children who are not being adopted and to help families that may choose to parent their children rather than place their kids in an orphanage or up for adoption.
*they are having great successes in getting children home! in the past month, arise has had 6 families pass court, 2 more families who are preparing to travel to pick up their children and 3 families complete and back at home!! {oh i can't wait until we are in the same boat!!!!!!}

if you are considering adoption, please check out arise for children! they are beginning adoptions in other countries besides ethiopia as well. i think some of these countries include china (special needs), haiti, uganda, and russia. you can visit their website here: and their blog here.

that's all for now :) tonight i'm going to work on some items for our craft table this weekend at the local farmer's market. i'll also try to get some pictures up of our fundraising t-shirts!