Monday, May 17, 2010

fundraiser t-shirts are here!

{*updated with size availability - May 27, 2010}

ok, so most of you know that we have ordered t-shirts to sell to help offset some of the expenses of our adoption. well, they are in! {and actually have been for a week now, but i've been too lazy to take any pictures of them to post until now} we've actually sold quite a few...somewhere around 25 so far i think, but we have a LONG way to go! my dream {as completely far fetched as it may be...or not} is to sell 400 of them. at $20 a pop, that would help us put a serious dent in the overseas fees that we're going to incur upon traveling to meet our newest addition.

so, with that said, i'd like to introduce you to the t-shirt:

{please pardon the wrinkles, and the yet again crappy photography. i've misplaced my camera for the time being so my iphone pics will have to do!}

like i've said before, i'm a bit of a t-shirt snob after working at hands on originals so these adult shirts will not disappoint! the adult t-shirts are the anvil 980 style, which is my favorite of the cheaper, fashion tees, and the kids shirts are just a basic t-shirt. the color on this batch is called "lake", which you can see is a dark blue color with the light blue and chocolate brown ink colors. we have sizes YS, YL, S - XL available currently. i am hoping that we'll sell out this first batch of 100 and need to place another order soon. if that's the case and you would like a size that's not currently available, please let me know. we're asking for a $20 donation in exchange for the shirts. all proceeds will go into our adoption account and help us get our kiddo home from ethiopia!

also, some of you {who i guess will remain nameless} may not realize it at first glance, but the design on the shirt has africa as the leaves. also, for some others of you, i will point out that ethiopia is a country on the continent of africa. :)

how to order:
*if you're in our area, please send me an email - mrsleslisweeney (at) with the size(s) you would like to order. i am more than happy to deliver the shirt(s) to you, just let me know when and where is best to meet you! i will gladly accept cash or check for your donation. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
*if you're not in our area, please make your donation using our chip-in/paypal link in the sidebar. in the order details, please specify that you would like t-shirt(s) with your requested size(s). if i am shipping the shirts, please include an additional $5 for shipping of the first shirt and $1 for each additional shirt.

finally, if you've already purchased a t-shirt, sorry that this is repetitive. we love you and appreciate your help! also, i would really love to document everyone that is a part of bringing home our sweet one from ethiopia so if you would, please send me a picture {via email or facebook is fine} of you in your t-shirt. i know this could be a little awkward but it can be a silly picture if you want or a group shot. i just want to have something to show our little guy so he can see how many awesome people were a part of this journey with us! we truly could not do it without you all!!


Amber said...

I'm super excited for you! Of course I want to be a part of it.
:0) Have I mentioned how super cute you are? ;0)...I'm off to figure out how to get me shirt!
I LOVE it btw...well done.

lesli said...

amber, thanks so much! you are so sweet and it made my evening to see your shirt order in my inbox. you are like a blogging idol of mine :) anyways, i'll email you just in case you don't get this but i'm hoping to ship out your shirt tonight or tomorrow morning. thank you!!!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Love these!! Hope they make tons of money for you!!

Brooke said...

Our shirts are so soft!!! Love them :) I spread the word to another blog friend who is adopting from ethiopia...

Praying for you friend!!