Friday, May 14, 2010

8 years ago today... hilarious, awkward, best guy friend asked me to be his girlfriend. i was a junior in high school and had just taken him to my junior prom 4 days prior. there were definitely feelings between us for a long time but as ryan would tell the story, i "always had a boyfriend". this time, the timing was right. although i had just gotten out of another relationship 2 months prior, i had told ryan that i need a couple of months before i would consider being in another relationship. {oh, teenagers and love!!} 2 months to the day of my last break up, i was busy working at ginny's hallmark after school when ryan stopped by to see me. while sitting at the kiddie picnic table near the register ryan asked me to be his girlfriend. without skipping a beat, i said yes!

at the time i could have never dreamed that 4 years later we would be married, much less 8 years later, fostering 2 sweet boys and pursuing adoption from ethiopia. i cannot begin to say what a dream come true the past 8 years with ryan has been. despite the normal ups and downs, i am blessed to say that there are many more ups than downs. he loves me and the boys well, and it is my joy to be with him after 8 years and pray for many more to come!!