Monday, May 17, 2010

bows, necklaces and sisterly fun!

have i mentioned before that i have a great sister? if not, i will do so now. i have a great sister! she is a great friend, a great "auntie diva" to our boys, and a great person in general!! for proof, here's just the latest way that she has loved me well...

my parents live in a small town outside of louisville, ky. a few months ago, my mom saw in her little town's paper {if you can even call it that!}, that the local farmers market was opening up one weekend a month for crafters as well. thinking about the expenses for adoption, my mom suggested that i sell some of my craft items at the farmers market and use the proceeds for the adoption. i loved the idea but was a little apprehensive to take on this undertaking on my own. so, who did i lovely sister, jennifer. jenn jumped at the opportunity. while she doesn't like to sew, jenn loves making hair bows so she offered to help.

so, saturday finally came and we made our way to the farmers market. it wasn't much of a market, as there were only about 5 farmers there. also, after about a half an hour, we realized that we were the only crafters too. however, despite the small set-up, jenn and i had a lot of fun. here are some pictures of our table:

*we sold our handmade hair bows, headbands, bibs, clip in flowers, tag/lovey blankets for babies, regular baby blankets, glass tile necklaces, and our adoption t-shirts.

*a few of the glass tile necklaces. {not very detailed pictures, i realize but i was working with my phone so forgive me!}

*some of the bows

*signage :)

*my lovely assistant!!

i think after all was said and done, we only made about $55 but it is $55 more than we had before for our adoption! perhaps next time, it will be busier. no matter what though, i'm just glad that i got to share this experience with my sister :)

{if you see anything you would like, please let me know! we will also be happy to customize an order for you with all proceeds going as a donation for our adoption!! also, if you live in our area, we are having a HUGE yard sale this coming saturday and will be offering our craft items there as well. please leave a message or email me for more details.}