Monday, January 31, 2011

last chance for t-shirts

hey everyone. thanks for your sweet feedback on our name choice for miss charlotte :) i had my very first "babies" shower yesterday thrown by some awesome women at our church and it was such a blessing! i don't have any pictures yet but i'll share some when i get them and tell you more about it then, but it was SUPER fun, especially since we now have both of our children named. i feel a trip to the embroidery shop coming on REAL SOON!!

anyways, i think i promised a post awhile ago about finishing up our t-shirt fundraiser for our adoption and i'm just now finally getting around to it. {yes, i'm a slacker!} i went through the large box of leftover shirts that been sitting in my office for months now and i took an inventory of what we have left. here's the scoop:

we have...
4 - adult small
10 - adult medium
5 - adult large
3 - adult XL
1 - adult 2XL

in case you're new here or have forgotten, this is what our awesome shirts look like {please pardon the wrinkles and poor photo quality in the first picture, and the sick, nasty way ryan and i look i the second picture! we'd just finished up 10+ hours of work on our both hands project. ha!}:

all t-shirts are a slate blue color and are a soft-fashion fit t-shirt. they are super comfy!! we are trying to get rid of them so we are reducing the price to $15 per shirt {plus $5 for shipping if needed}.

if you are interested in purchasing a shirt, we will still use all the money towards our adoption expenses! just to be completely transparent, we still currently have about $5000 in our adoption account but that has to pay for quite a lot of things still at this point. here's what we're estimating that we still have to pay before bringing greer home:

-plane tickets for ryan and myself for our 2nd trip to ethiopia {around $3600}
-a lap seat/bassinet plane ticket for greer's trip home {not a clue ?? anybody know about how much this will be?}
-travel insurance for our second trip {$58}
-guesthouse accommodations {around $350}
-visas to ethiopia for me and ryan {$40}
-visa to US for greer {$404}
-transportation while in ethiopia {$50/day}
-food & misc expenses {$150}

i'm sure we're forgetting a few things but that's our best guess at this point. anyways, all that information to say, if for some reason we end up having leftover money in our adoption account at the end of this process, we will use it towards someone else's adoption or to buy donations for the orphanage(s) in ethiopia. {aka - no quick trip out to baby g@p for us to blow all our leftover money's that been gifted to us!}

so, if you still would like to get a shirt, please let me know! you can pay through our chip-in/paypal link on the left sidebar or you can email me at mrsleslisweeney {at} if you're not sure how to do that or live close to me here in the bluegrass state. we really appreciate everyone who have purchased shirts up to this point! thanks for all your support and love!

now here's to having one less orphan without a family tree and one less box in our office!!!!


Sabrina said...


I went on a summer project with your husband, and I would love to buy a shirt and support you in your adoption. I'll send an email tonight with all the details!