Wednesday, January 5, 2011

our littlest wildcat

my husband, ryan, is a die hard UK {university of kentucky for y'all who aren't from around here} fan. he particularly loves UK basketball and follows the team as much as possible before, during and after basketball season. well, since b-ball season is in full swing, so is ryan. he loves watching the games in person and at home on our couch.

this season, all the UK basketball talk seems to be centered around enes kanter, a UK recruit from turkey that the NCAA has currently ruled as ineligible. anyways, i'm not the basketball buff that my husband is so i'll spare you the details, but i do have a point to all this babble. my husband reads kentucky sports radio, a blog that is all about UK sports, like it's going out of style. since all the problems with enes' eligibility, the blog has been featuring pictures of UK fans displaying signs that say, "free enes".

from the very beginning when we found out about our trip to ethiopia, ryan was set on getting our little greer a UK onesie to proudly display his love for the cats and to take a picture with a free enes sign. sure enough while we were in ethiopia, he did just that. on monday, he finally got around to submitting his picture to KSR and tuesday, it was featured on their site. here's a link to the blog post:

i love seeing my boys together and in blue, so the post did this momma's heart good! i can't wait to finally have our little greer nathanel home so we can cheer the team on all the way through march madness :)


Amber said...

HOW COOL!!!! :) That's amazing and you all received TONS of support from the fans!!! (Of course there were the nay sayers but Satan is alive and roaming so you can expect that) There were so many people that commented that they too were adopting!! YAAAAAAAY!! I think Greer has as many fans as the Wildcats! ha ha
So happy for you all! He's a cutie pie that Greer!!! :)


PS Greer's Momma's comment was PERFECT!! :0)