Monday, January 24, 2011

the goings on

i'm back folks. sorry for my hiatus from the blog! i decided to take a blogging break last week as i spent most of the week in tennessee with my family celebrating the life of my papaw. it was a nice break and good to unplug for awhile.

however, just because i've been silent doesn't mean things haven't been happening. i feel like there's been a lot going on recently but maybe that was just because of the unexpected trip to tennessee left me feeling a little off my game and frazzled. anyways, once again i'll give you an update on things but in bullet form {because i'm lazy like that!}:

  • we have finally decided on a first name for our daughter!! yep, you read that right :) ryan and i did come to a consensus finally for this little princess! more details to come later because we are still arguing deciding on a middle name...
  • i have been feeling quite discouraged about our wait for an embassy appointment the last week or so. i know that our agency is doing a great job and is on top of things, but i hate all the red tape that is keeping us from our son. {ahem...the US government.} i was especially discouraged because i really want to go to pick our little man up, but the more weeks that tick by, the less likely i'll be able to travel because of my pregnancy. if you think of it, will you please pray that we'd get filed for an embassy appointment soon so that we can still travel in february?? we've heard that we are currently still waiting to get our little guy's new passport back and get his physical done so that we can be filed. our agency has 2 dates at the embassy in february for visa interviews {which is what we are waiting to appear at} - the 9th and the 23rd. i'm thinking that the 9th is pretty unlikely, so we're hoping and praying for the 23rd. {plus, that would put us coming home right around or on ryan's birthday and i can't think of a better gift!}
  • i'm currently in my 23rd week of pregnancy and all is going well. i can't tell you the difference that 6 weeks has made! no more nausea, constant feelings of hunger, and other not so fun side effects, and i'm soooo grateful. today i had a doctor's appointment and got to hear our little girl's heart beat again. it never gets old! according to our doctor, she is healthy and progressing along nicely. plus, i got a chance to discuss the possibility of traveling to ethiopia in march in case we can't get a february embassy date. our doctor is hopeful that i would be able to travel if we didn't get the february embassy dates, as long as our embassy date was in early march sometime. we'll see!!
  • my sweet husband completed his first seriously manly project last night...a platform bed from scratch! {ok, i think my brother-in-law mostly built it but ryan definitely helped.}the boys built the bed for an extra mattress set we have that i'm putting in our soon-to-be playroom. all our other guest rooms are filling up with cribs or offices, so we were in need of somewhere to put adult guests when we have them. i thought it would be fun to have a platform bed in the playroom so it could also double as a reading nook for our kiddos as they get bigger. when the bed is moved from my parent's barn to it's new home in our playroom, i'll post some pictures.
  • we finished up registering for baby gifts this weekend and that was really fun! who knew picking out stuff for little munchins could be so fun :) i especially loved being able to register for all the cute pink and frilly stuff as well as the blue and manly stuff...the best of both worlds! i have my first shower this weekend thrown by my wonderful church friends for both of our incoming children and i'm really excited. i would love nothing more than to be able to celebrate the news of being filed for an embassy date with them too! i can't wait to bring greer home to introduce him to all the wonderful ladies of fellowship who have been praying for his homecoming for months now.
ok, that's enough for now! i'm tired and need a computer screen break. thanks for checking in on me :) i hope you have a great monday evening!


Brooke said...

I want to cry reading your updates...maybe because I relate so much. Maybe we can have a phone date soon???