Tuesday, January 11, 2011

brain dump

today feels like a random rambling day. it's snowing, it's cold, and i don't really feel like my grammar skills might be on my side so i'll just give you some updates on us in bullet form. here goes nothing...

  • we were hoping to get to see R & P this past weekend, and once again, it didn't happen. boo. we told R that we wanted to pick him up for church, go to lunch and then go to the new n@rnia movie, but his mom never answered her phone or called us back when we were trying to make the official plans. this is beyond frustrating and i may have had a few break downs about it. ugh.
  • my pregnancy is going well and i'm loving the 2nd trimester! i'm now into my 21st week and am finally experiencing no more all day sickness and have been able to retire my zofr@n pills for nausea. i know i'll probably never be one of those crazy wonderful women who love being pregnant, but i'm kinda enjoying it right now. although, sweatpants may or may not be the wisest fashion decision, i am beginning to live in them seriously 70+ % of the time. yay for elastic waists :)
  • our little princess is still nameless. ryan and i cannot agree on ANYTHING! it is like WW3 {ok not really} at our house right now. ryan likes things that i would never dream of naming my sweet little girl and vice versa. to add to our madness, we have to give this child both a first and a middle name...YIKES! at least with greer, we only had to pick out a first name :)
  • i never really blogged about our new years or any resolutions. mostly just because i didn't really make any, but there is one thing i'd like to share. ryan and i have sadly never read through the entire bible and we're hoping that we can change that this year. i've always just studied certain books at once or just kinda randomly chose different passages to read during my quiet times, but i've really been wanting to go deeper and read the bible from start to finish. so, in order to do so, we've found this awesome website that has been helping us out. it's one year bible.com and it's been a great resource for us! you can sign up to have them send you daily or weekly bible readings in your email, which helps me stay accountable. ryan and i are doing the daily one year readings but they also have a daily chronological readings. i love it and would recommend it if you have a hard time staying on track with your bible readings.
  • it is impossible to find a large (8x10'), decent looking rug that is not $200+! this is a shame. all i want is an affordable floor covering for my littlest man's room that is reasonably priced and that won't feel like he's crawling across gravel. i think i'm seriously in the wrong business. i need to starting making rugs and selling them for 400% mark up.
  • speaking of our littlest man's room, it is coming along nicely. we painted his closet {as it was hot pink from my high school days} and the rest of the room. we also installed a second bar in the closet to hold more clothes and i have already began filling it up with all the clothes we had for P. i have also sorted through unisex sleepers, onesies, etc. that he won't fit in and put them in the baby girl's room. ryan thinks i've lost my mind, but i love organizing, sorting and prepping for our kids! we've also assembled greer's crib and i've completed the first of many craft projects for his room. now i just need to get the window treatments installed, make his blanket, mobile and teething rail, finish decorating the walls and buy a rug. hopefully these things will keep my busy in my free time as we wait for him to come home!
  • it has been 3 weeks since we passed court in ethiopia. we haven't gotten any updates on where we stand right now but we're praying we'll hear that we've been confirmed for a february embassy date soon. i've been reading many other blogs with people in the same stage as us and it seems that a lot of other families are having a hard time getting their embassy dates confirmed. this means a lot of last minute flight booking and higher ticket prices. i'm not sure what we'll do about this but i'm trying to put it in the Lord's hands. we've got just enough left in our adoption account to squeak by financially and finish out this adoption so i'm praying that expensive ticket prices won't send us in the hole! we've still got some adoption t-shirts left and i'm thinking of doing a clearance/t-shirt blitz to get rid of these and help offset any last minute expenses we might have. look for that soon!
  • i honestly cannot believe that it has almost been a year since the earthquake in haiti. i really feel like God used that tragedy to get ryan and i on the fast track with our ethiopian adoption, and while i'm still heartbroken for the people and children of haiti, i'm so thankful that He called us into adoption when He did. our son was waiting patiently for us in ethiopia and now we're on our way! i don't know how or when, but i wouldn't be surprised a bit if we have another child waiting for us in haiti because of the way God has stirred our hearts for the country and the haitian people.
ok, i think that's all my brain can muster for now. if you made it this far, i commend you. thanks for checking in on us and for bearing with me when i just need a brain dump :) blessings to you from a snowy kentucky!!


Megan said...

Hey! Check overstock.com for 8x10 rugs. Here is the link. And then you can sort by price. It's a little cheaper than going to Target or Lowes :-)

Jamie said...

IKEA! no seriously!
and I'll be on the lookout for another t-shirt! I have worn mine out- its so comfy!!!