Monday, January 3, 2011

christmas 2010

i came and went almost 2 weeks ago but i'm just now getting around to really thinking about it. honestly, nothing could really top our trip to meet our son a few days before christmas, but it was still a great one. we missed our little guy the entire day, of course!, but it was good to finally be back home with family and to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

we started the day out at my parent's house for our annual christmas breakfast...complete with biscuits and gravy {my mom makes me my own special batch without sausage because she's great like that!}, eggs, bacon, grits, etc. we then moved to my sister's house to open presents. i was most excited that my parents got me a cricut since i frequently steal my sister's and hold it hostage for months on end. it was not something i had asked for but was a total surprised and i loved it! i was also pretty shocked by an awesome shutterfly photo book that my sister put together for me and ryan that was all about our time with R and P. i could seriously bawl right now just thinking about how much it means to us and all the wonderful memories that jenn so sweetly preserved for us!! finally, my other favorite gifts had to be all the amazing things that my family gave to our beloved greer. my family went all out and it was really special to see all the beautiful presents with his name under the tree! it was special knowing that we'll be seeing the gifts labeled for him for years to come. i think the best gift he got was an awesome train table that will soon take center stage in our playroom {if we ever get around to getting it put together!}. i can't wait to see him standing around the little table and playing trains with his little sister :)

here are a few pictures from the crazy setliffe family christmas:

*mikenna is ready to beginning opening the presents!

*a not so attractive picture of me, my mom and my sister, jenn

*the kiddos are all distracted by their goodies {except mikayla}

*this is my little brother, stuart, and his new friend steve. {a little background - stu is a freshman in college this year and has decided not to cut his hair for an entire year. he's about 7 months into now, and my brother-in-law jason found this wonderful look alike version of stuart and gave it to him from christmas :) stu was quite pleased.}

*the boys + steve

after leaving my parent's house, we headed over to ryan's parents' house for the afternoon. for some reason {i'll blame it on jet lag because that's most convenient} i didn't get any pictures. however, we had a wonderful time celebrating with them. it was just ryan, me, his parents and his uncle jay so it was much more low-key than my crazy family celebration! we opened gifts one at a time and got to oooh and ahhh over what everyone got, so that was fun. greer got several more presents from ryan's parents and so he is all set for his homecoming! after seeing how excited he got over the few toys he played with at the transition house, i can't wait to see what he thinks of all his new toys!!

we also had our traditional brunch made by my mother-in-law and we were all stuffed to the gills. after lunch, ryan and i headed to the couch for a nap partially induced by a food coma and partially induced by jet lag. little did we know, we ended up sleeping for 3 hours!! after we woke up, we showed our trip pictures and videos of little greer to his parents and chatted about our trip for quite some time. it was a great chance just to catch up with each other, rest and relax. the best kind of christmas!

overall, it was a wonderful day and i wouldn't have changed anything {except for sharing it with our little man.} i hope your christmas was equally as wonderful!