Friday, January 7, 2011

melkam genna!

melkam genna, y'all!! {that's merry christmas in amharic, y'all}

today is christmas day in ethiopia, and so i can't help but to think even more about our sweet little boy. i know that his christmas this year will not probably begin to match the excitement of next year when our family is finally together, but i'm still praying that he feels extra some extra special love as his country celebrates the birth of our Savior today.

it still boggles my mind to think that my legal child and the son that has grown in my heart for so long now is living halfway around the world without us right now. most days the ache for him to be home is the backdrop to everything else i have going on, and that makes things pretty hard. it's only been 2 weeks and 1 day since we parted ways, but it feels like much longer. however, despite the circumstances of our separation being less than ideal, i do feel like i have been given a new perspective on God's pain and love mingled up in the gift and sacrifice of His only Son. our child is alive and well, and while he is living halfway around the world from us, we do know that we will be united with him again soon. God graciously gave His Son to us, sent Him into a sinful world for 33 years and allow Him to die a brutal death...for US! His sacrifice is more than anything i can even imagine but on this ethiopian christmas day, i am so grateful.

thank you God for your Son. thank you for your love for us that is deeper than we could even dream. and thank you for taking care of our boy while we cannot.

in light of today's christmas celebration, here are some recent pictures we've received of our adorable christmas gift:

ps- doesn't he have the most adorable lips ever!!! i think ryan and i probably have a long road ahead of us as we try to fend off all the girls from kissing those lips :)


Jamie said...

he is precious! you'd better have a plan to keep those girls away!!! ;) he's already stealing hearts i'm sure!