Friday, January 28, 2011

at last...progress!

we got an exciting email last night from our agency regarding our adoption. let me just say that i was home alone when i received it and i literally screamed out loud when i read it! i freaked my dogs out a little bit, and then i started to cry. {crazy lady pregnancy hormones strike again, right?} it wasn't the specifics of when we will travel yet but it was finally some good news that shows that we're one step closer to bringing greer nathanel home!

the email just basically said that all the necessary paperwork - natty's new birth certificates and his passport with our last name, as well as his final medical exam required by the US embassy - are finally complete! our adoption information is finally complete and ready to file with the embassy. praise the Lord!!! we were also excited to find out that the 2 other families from kentucky that we traveled with on our last trip and absolutely loved, are ready to file as well!! we've been praying and hoping all along that we'd get to travel back with the same group and our hopes may become a reality. here we all are with our kids on the last trip:

6 kiddos soon to be home with loving families :)

with some recent changes made by the US embassy in addis, now adoptions can be filed every wednesday, so our paperwork will be submitted to the embassy next wednesday, february 2nd.
from there, the embassy has 2 weeks to review the file and decide 1 of 3 things:

1) we are ready to come for an embassy interview. {our interview and pick-up trip would most likely be scheduled 2 weeks out from when we hear back from the embassy. i'm guessing either february 23rd or march 9th since those are our agency's standing dates for visa interviews.}

2) they need some additional paperwork to make a determination. {from other blogs i read and people we talked to while in ethiopia, it seems like this has been happening a lot lately and slowing families' processes down quite a bit}. please be praying that our file is complete and that we aren't missing anything else!!

3) they have randomly selected our file to audit. {this is by far the most dreaded of the 3 options! this could mean an additional 2+ months of waiting while the embassy goes back through every piece of documentation, interviews birth families and orphanage workers, etc.} we have been praying for months that this would not happen to us and we would appreciate you praying alongside us for the same thing!

so, now we wait some more :) we wait to hear what the embassy has to report and pray that they are eager beavers and decide to take less than the allotted 2 weeks to do so! thanks for following along our journey with us and praying alongside us. we can't wait to see our son again SOON.


Jana said...

That is great news!! Definitely praying that everything is complete and the Embassy gets you in asap :)