Friday, January 14, 2011

whiny town

i'm feeling pretty whiny today. kind of like this little fellow was frequently while we were with him...

like here:

and here:

here also:

oh yeah, and we can't forget about here:

{please note that all of greer's whiniest moments caught on film, or whatever you call pictures these days, were while ryan was holding him! not to fault the hubby at all though. i was just smart enough not to let ryan document the meltdowns our little man had when i was holding him!!}

why am i so whiny today, you ask? because. that's all. it's my party and i'll cry if i want to.

no, not really. i think i'm just being whiny because i want my son home so badly and we have no clue when that will be! and because our little girl still remains nameless so i can get nothing embroidered for her. oh, and because she's been giving me killer middle back pain for the last 2 weeks! oh yeah, and i have a ton of craft projects for the kids that i can't seem motivated enough to do. and because ryan is reffing a wrestling tournament all day tomorrow so we won't get to spend any time together. and also... {see, i told you i was whiny!!} i could unfortunately go on for hours.


ok, so in light of all my wonderful whining in blogland, i think i'll go read up on the fruits of the spirit. apparently i'm lacking in many of these today.

happy whiny friday, y'all!


Barry and Amy said...

I can imagine! Honestly, I can feel myself getting whiny now, knowing that we are so close to getting to meet our son, so I'm sure I will be SUPER whiny once we get to adopt him and have to come home without him.

Saying a prayer for you!

~Sarah~ said...

You deserve to be whiny :) I am sure I will be the same way when I am in your shoes. Praying your sweet Greer is home SOON with you.