Tuesday, September 21, 2010

yesterday & today

so i planned to blog about our wonderful weekend away yesterday but time got away from me. i'll try to do that tomorrow after i get some time to upload a few pictures. in the meantime though, i'll give you an update on all things yesterday and today...

ryan and i attended our very first foster care review board meeting. {i guess pretty much everything related to fostering is a first for us, but this was a very nerve-wracking first!} i can't give a whole lot of details about the meeting but i will just say that despite my anxiety and fear, ryan and i both left the meeting feeling very positive. the meeting was mostly nerve-wracking because it was a much smaller, more intimate setting than all the previous meetings we've attended for the boys' case. all parties involved {bio mom, social workers, and us} were interviewed interactively in front of everyone else. at the end, ryan and i asked to speak privately with the board for just a few thoughts that we didn't feel comfortable sharing in front of everyone else. i'm hoping this won't earn us any additional ugly looks from the boys' social worker but if it does, that's alright. we are just thankful for an opportunity to feel heard. i don't know that our input will necessarily change the outcome of anything, but it definitely felt good to know that we advocated for them as best as possible and put everything out on the table!

R has been in quite a bit of pain since we picked him up from his mom's on sunday evening. at the time, we thought he'd been bitten by a spider or something because he had a little pin hole that was raised on his foot. since then, his foot has continued to bother him and started swelling and getting really red last night. we took him to an immediate care center last night and they prescribed him some antibiotics, gave him a shot in the bottom, and sent him on his way. unfortunately, he woke up this morning and was in a lot more pain. part of his foot also started turning black and we could tell some of the infection was coming up to the surface.

we headed off to his regular pediatrician this afternoon, and she was very unhappy with the treatment and instructions given to us at the immediate care center! the immediate care doc told us to make sure to keep his foot elevated and to be applying constant heat. however, our pediatrician said that elevating the foot was fine but that we should have been applying ice rather than heat. she looked at the orders and paperwork given to us by the immediate care center and confirmed that we followed their directions, but i still feel awful that it could have potentially caused R to be in more pain than he had to be :(

after hanging out at the pediatricians for awhile {with a very cranky, tired, little P}, we were instructed to make our way down to the local children's hospital. our pediatrician didn't want to risk trying to drain R's foot in her office since the infection appeared to be spreading and a large abscess had appeared on his foot. R has recently had MRSA in his other foot so the doctors are assuming that's probably what is going on again. we've been at the children's hospital since about 4:30 p.m. today, and they just got us admitted to a room a little over an hour ago. they are going to pump him full of some pretty sweet antibiotics tonight and then take him back to the OR in the morning to have his foot drained. they will put him under anesthesia which makes me a little nervous, but all in all, the procedure should only last about 15 minutes.

R is in good spirits and is finally resting now. he was really excited when he found out that he'd not be going into surgery until morning so that he could eat dinner! sweet ryan went out and got his requested "last meal", complete with R's favorite banana chip ice cream so he ate like a champ. i'll update tomorrow when R's all done. we're hoping that if all goes well, he'll be out of here late tomorrow afternoon.