Wednesday, September 8, 2010

our ceiling repair

remember the water leak i told you about happening in our ceiling right when i was headed to afghanistan? well, we're finally getting the ceilings repaired today!! woohoo :) i'm sick of staring at the gaping hole in our living room ceiling and guest room ceiling. thankfully, we found out that there was not an actual plumbing leak or anything, but the water was coming from major condensation build up from our air conditioner...

this was kind of funny to me for a few reasons:
1) i seriously hate being hot! i love myself some good ole AC and tend to keep the house a wee bit colder than every one else prefers :)
2) in case i haven't mentioned this before, we bought our house from my parents. it's the house i grew up in. this is funny because my dad owns a mechanical/electrical engineering firm and when the AC unit needed replacing a few years back, he thought, the bigger the better! when we bought the house, we inherited a mack daddy trane AC unit. music to this girls ears!!
3) when the AC people came to evaluate the leak, they determined that the space near the AC pipe/vent thingamabober was 20 degrees colder than it was supposed to be. they said this was a combination of us having the AC cranked up so much, having all the vents closed on the first floor {b/c the boys get cold and close them all} and the excessively large AC unit...a wonderful combination for a water disaster!

anyways, the good thing is that now we know what was causing the leak and can pretty much remedy it without any extra repair costs {praise the Lord}. i have been given a stern warning by my husband not to turn the AC on quite as high and that we must keep at least one vent on the first floor or basement open at all times. lesson learned!!

so, here's what the two areas are looking like now that our dry wall guy has cleaned them up before getting ready to hang the dry wall:

*the downstairs guest room ceiling/soffit {this was totally full of water, that all leaked on ryan's head and the carpet when he was trying to figure out what was going on!}:

*the gaping hole in the corner of the living room ceiling {this was also full of!}:

when i get home today, the holes will be nicely filled with dry wall and ready for painting shortly! i can't wait to reclaim our ceilings and move on with our lives. yippee to another house project completed :)