Monday, September 27, 2010

weekend recap

sorry for the silence over the last couple of days but we've just been going about life as usual. since i haven't caught up on here in a few days, here's a little recap of the recent happenings in our corner of the world:

R is pretty much completely recovered from his surgery last wednesday. it went really great and he was out of the hospital the next day. i've still yet to bring myself to really look at his foot without the bandages, but ryan said that it looked like he'd been shot in the foot the day after surgery. eww. that was enough for me to pass on sneaking any peeks at it! he's on heavy antibiotics and goes back to the doctor tomorrow for another check up. we're praying the infection has healed and that he's cleared for normal activity again.

thursday afternoon through saturday evening, the boys went to their mom's house for 2 overnight visits. it was nice to get to spend some time with ryan alone at the house, but it was also a little too quiet. friday night we got to catch up with some sweet friends, craig and denise, and that was much needed! i was reminded how nice it is just to be able to laugh and share with people who we love and who love us as we are! friends are such a blessing from the Lord!

saturday morning, i had early morning coffee {except, that i don't drink coffee!} with another dear friend, cheryl {aka - cherelle} and then we headed to ryan's old high school for a pancake breakfast for the school's wrestling team. ryan used to wrestle so i'm pretty sure he likes to live vicariously through these type of events to still feel cool and in shape :) after the breakfast, we swung by mrs. lucille's {the widow from our both hands project} house and checked in with her. it was great to see her again and we hope to stay in close touch over the next several years! saturday night, we picked the boys back up from their moms, and ryan and R headed to a friends house to watch the wildcats get stomped by the gators :( it wasn't pretty! i stayed home with sweet P, and fell asleep early. it felt great to get some much needed extra zzzzz's!

on sunday, we headed off to church and then out to lunch with our long-time friends, lindsay and joseph. after lunch, we headed home so little P could catch up on his naps since he refuses to nap at church. while P was sleeping, we had an afternoon of "MNT" {that's sweeney speak for "mandatory nap time"}. it's funny because over the last few months, R has grown to love the concept of MNT and will frequently ask if it's time for MNT :) usually, R sleeps in his room, ryan sleeps on the couch, and i either sleep in our bed or end up laying lazily on our other couch and catching up on tv. oh how i love sunday afternoons! sunday evening, we headed over to my in-laws to celebrate my father-in-law, richard's, birthday. it was a great fall evening of grilling out, playing cornhole, eating ice cream and just spending time with family.

overall, it was a great weekend and i hope to have many more relaxing, fall weekends on the way!!