Friday, September 17, 2010

t-shirts galore!

hey, folks. i know i haven't been very bright and cheery lately. sorry! that's just the reality of what we're walking through right now. BUT, on a happier note, i would like to remind you that we still have many one less adoption t-shirts for sale!!

we got our second batch in a couple of weeks ago and i'd love to sell right through them so we can keep building up our bank account for our plane tickets to ethiopia :) we currently have sizes YS, YL, AS - A2XL. flights seem to be a little more expensive now than we were initially estimating so every little shirt helps!

check out the left sidebar for more info on how to order or shoot me an email at mrsleslisweeney{at}

merci beaucoup!


Anonymous said...

Lovin' your t-shirts Lesli! very cool! :) So exciting to partner with you in your adoption journey.

God bless,
Leah & Lifesong staff

lesli said...

Thanks, Leah :) We appreciate all your help and support over the last few weeks!