Saturday, September 25, 2010

our both hands video

hey y'all. it's a lazy saturday here at our homestead so instead of having to put my brain to work to write a post, i thought i'd share our long-awaited both hands project video. {ok, i know it's probably not been long-awaited by you all but it was by me!} after a pretty steep learning curve, i finally figured out my beloved iMovie and was able to put something together. it's by no means perfection but i hope it gives you a little idea of the amazing day and experience we had with the project:

we actually went to visit our widow, mrs. lucille today and she is doing really well. her houses both look great and are still pretty clean. we really hope we can keep in touch with her over the years and that she will serve as another great-grandmother for our kiddo!!

hope you're having a great weekend and are able to relax with some football on tv like ryan and i are doing right now :)


WildFlowers said...

wow. that is wonderful!!!
it is great that you got to video it and share :)

very special.

Mitch and Erin said...

That is an amazing video! What an awesome legacy to leave for your precious child. So glad the project was a HUGE success!