Monday, June 14, 2010

my birthday celebration

for my birthday on friday, ryan told me that he planned a quiet dinner for two and then was going to take me to a movie of my choice. i was pretty pumped about that because it's been several months since i picked a movie! living with ryan and R, i tend to watch A LOT of action thrillers so i was ready for something more estrogen filled :) move over transformers, it's lesli's turn to pick a movie!

well, i got my wish and more!! instead of dinner and a movie, ryan surprised me with dinner and a trip to the theater. what we saw could not have had more estrogen or pink!! legally blonde the musical...

it was so cute and very fun! ryan was definitely in the minority of men in the theater but he still enjoyed himself {whether he'd admit it or not}. as pathetic as it is, i already knew most of the words to all the songs from watching the musical on tv so that made it really least for me! the poor girl sitting next to me probably didn't think so :) i didn't think to bring along my camera since i thought we were just going to see a movie so i didn't get any pictures of ryan and i but i wish i had! us getting dressed up to do anything is a rarity these days so i wish i had gotten some documentation.

after the musical, we finished up our celebration with some yummy strawberry-chip ice cream from graeter's and a walk on a beautiful night. it was one of the best birthday's i can remember and i was glad i got to spend it with ryan!!


Julie said...

That is such a great b-day surprise & so you!!! Ryan is such a great hubby. :)

Last week I was in LEX & I drove past Green's Toyota & thought of you. Remember all of your hated days there. And then you found HOO & found joy!!!!

lesli said...

haha, so true :) i have a great hubby and i was so happy when i found HOO. i loved that job! how are you, dear? please let me know when you're in town! i would love to hear about your life!!