Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my baby brother graduated

friday night, my baby brother, "david stuart s3tliffe, big boy" {as he so fondly used to refer to himself}, graduated from high school. for many reasons, i cannot believe it actually happened!! for starters, i remember when he used to throw down every morning when my mom went to wake him up for school. he was not exactly a stellar student for a few years either. i'm pretty sure that he would make up any excuse to get out of school, including but not limited to faked vomiting, asthma attacks and allergy issues. anything to stay home and sleep a bit longer.

he also seems too young! what happened to this little, chubby buddy? could he seriously be old enough to graduate already?? i think not!

however, i must say that over the last couple of years i have had the privilege of watching stuart grow and mature so much. he has grown into a passionate musician, a follower of Christ, an all around mature guy, and a pretty good student. i love seeing him become who God designed him to be and am proud to have him as my little brother.

friday night stu graduated with a fine arts degree from my high school alma mater, bringing back some pretty sweet memories for me! i remember the feeling of finally being done with high school and being "independent" for the first time. such a fun yet scary time, but i know stuart will do great in the real world! he's headed off to college next year about 2.5 hours from us so that will be hard for all of us, but thankfully he's not too far for us to visit...perhaps even unannounced :)

just for kicks, i thought i'd share this lovely gem of my family after my high school graduation. it is truly a treasured photo in our family as it has provided us many good laughs over the years:

{please note stuart's utter disdain for celebrating my graduation. sadly, i think we have another similar photo that shows him even more grouchy on my special day! too bad i couldn't dig that one up!}

wow, what changes a few years brings!

congrats, stuart!! we love you and are proud of you. cheers*


Danielle said...

LOVE the new look!

Trish said...

This blog is fantastic! Truly expresses you, Lesli! Wishing you the best and still prayin!

lesli said...

thanks y'all!!