Thursday, June 10, 2010

{don't forget about our adoption fundraising giveaway! we haven't had much of a response yet so your chances of winning are pretty great, so get your entries in today. you can read more about the giveaway and prizes here. thank you! every little bit makes a huge difference in the life of our family and our child waiting in ethiopia!!}

sorry for the blog slacking this week. i really have no excuse...just laziness i guess because there have been so many things in the last few days i thought about blogging about!

unfortunately, over the weekend our family was plagued with the stomach virus again. this time, it only got to ryan and baby P though :( not sure how R and i managed to stay in the clear, but thankfully, we did because we had a lot of stuff planned. before the onset of the plague we had a pretty low key friday night as ryan was just returning back from yet another business trip. we just went out to dinner as a family, caught up on each other's lives and then headed off to clean our church building. {since we're still a pretty small church, families take turns cleaning the facility so it was finally our turn, and was actually pretty fun. i know...i'm a sick person to think cleaning is fun! too bad i don't think it's quite as fun when it's in my own house!!}

saturday morning, during P's morning nap, i snuck out to get a much need cut and color for my hair. my hair was dull, desperate, and could have easily been mistaken for a bird's nest on any day, so i was happy to finally get the things spruced up a bit. plus, i love the times when i can actually go and get pampered now! seems like the days of my bi-weekly pedicures, hair cuts every 6 weeks, and the occasional massage are only a faint memory now... while i was gone, the plague struck ryan and he was literally laid up in bed for the next 24 hours {well, except for the time he spent in the bathroom...yuck!}.

later that afternoon, i kept my previously made commitment to take the boys and my 2 nieces to a family picnic/fundraiser for lifesong for orphans. 4 kids + 1 me could have easily equaled chaos, but everything went smoothly! the picnic was held at a very generous family's home and the kids had a blast. there were 4 different types of blow up entertainment thingys {i can't think of the official name for these things right now...} including a bounce house with slide, an obstacle course, a soccer kick and a basketball shooting game. there were also pony rides, a petting zoo, lots of food, a silent auction, horses, etc. it was a great time! whenever i get a chance, i'll upload some cute pictures of the kids from the day. i loved seeing all the adoptive families that we have gotten to know through this journey, and seeing a lot of the kids that have come home already!! i debated on snatching up one of the adorable ethiopian kids running around the picnic, but i thought better of it. i guess since they already have loving families, that probably doesn't qualify as "orphan care" :) i hope the event raised a lot of money for lifesong, as it is an awesome organization committed to helping orphans!! if you haven't heard of them, check out their website: after the picnic, i came home and told ryan that we should just go ahead and up our acceptance scale to at least 4 kids because i was already a pro. {haha, yea right!}

sunday, after taking lots of immodium and sleeping in late into the afternoon, ryan was finally feeling a little better, which i was so thankful for! that evening, we attended a beautiful, outdoor wedding for 2 friends from church and we were so glad to share in the joy of their special day. the wedding was perfectly fitted for the bride and groom and was a really fun time! if ryan was at 100% i think we would have stayed much longer and danced the night away, but we had to cut things short to get the boy home for some more recovery sleep. i was bummed to have to leave so early but i was glad that we at least got to be there for some of their celebration!

this week has also been busy and has almost flown by!! with home visits from the boys' social worker and our social worker, R's FCA {fellowship of christian athletes} basketball camp, and ryan's work trip to cleveland, it's almost the weekend again...and almost my birthday :) that's right, tomorrow's the big day- 25 for me and 30 for my big sis!! woohoo!

ok, well that's all i've really got for now. i hope you're having a fabulous day and i'll try to be a more faithful blogger in the future!!


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My daughter is Emmy Blakely of and the blog "confessions of a paper freak." I read her article about you and would love to purchase a t-shirt to help you reach your goal, but I do not like using PayPal. Can I send you a check??? If so, let me know where to send it. Thanks!
Sally White