Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it is in!

our home study was ready for our pick up today. woohoo!!!

it was the last piece we were waiting for to be able to officially submit our beloved dossier {aka - huge stack of papers with every possible bit of personal information}.

i went on my lunch break and picked it up so that i could drop it off at our agency. tomorrow, our wonderful agency, arise for children, will get all our paperwork ready to send off to their partner agency, west sands in utah. while it's in utah, everything will get authenticated and we will know if they need any additional documentation before our packet is sent off to washington d.c. don't ask me what they do with the paperwork in d.c....i'm sure it's something official but i have no clue what that is. {fellow adopters, can you fill me in on this process? i'm haven't an idea.} from d.c., our bundle of papers will finally head to ethiopia hopefully in about 3 weeks or so!!! have i mentioned that i can't wait for that?!?

i'm really excited to be drawing this paper chase to a close, but i know there's still a chance that west sands will see something missing or need additional documentation. however, i'm seriously praying that we've done everything correctly this first time and that it's ready to fly on to ethiopia ASAP! what a relief that will be :)

now, i'm off to work on some grant applications and to send our final copy of our home study to USCIS (citizenship & immigration) so that we can be assigned a fingerprinting appointment and get approval from the government to adopt...yay!!


Amber said...

I am new to your blog but so excited with you!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see pics of your son!!

God is smiling from ear to ear, I hope you know that! :)

Hugs & Prayers

lesli said...

Thanks, Amber :) Glad you're reading and thanks for your encouragement! Have a good day!!