Saturday, June 19, 2010

update on our adoption giveaway

well, we're two weeks in so far for our adoption fundraiser giveaway. and, so far, we have a total of 91 entries for the giveaway. this includes those of you who are kind enough to be praying for our adoption, blog followers, tweeters, blog posters, money givers, etc. seriously, thanks y'all!! i wish i had enough sweet swag for each of you to get something. however, i do have a 5th prize package to add to the giveaway today!!

first, i'll refresh your memory on what's at stake:

prize #1} $35 gift certificate to the moonlight doodles' shop~

prize #3} wax seal pendant necklace from harmonized creations & $5 st@rbucks gift card~

prize #4} one less orphan t-shirt from our family's stash of fundraising shirts~

prize #5} $25 gift certificate to for His glory designs' shop~

*this lovely addition to our giveaway has come courtesy of my college friend, bethany's adorable shop. bethany is married to one of ryan's college roommates and groomsman {as ryan still refers to him!}, jon. jon and bethany have an adorable little guy, jonah, so bethany has created lots of adorable items for mommies, including her custom nursing covers. while i never had the opportunity to use one of these before, i have seen them in action, and bethany's designs are both stylish and practical! these would be a great gift for a mom to be!! she has lots of different fabric choices so if you are the lucky winner of this prize, you can customize your nursing cover. check out her shop here: or some of the cutie patootie designs below...
Nursing Cover  -Amy Butler French Wallpaper fabric - Ready to ShipAdorable NURSING COVER - Alexander Henry Starling fabric- Ready 2 ShipAdorable NURSING COVER - Alexander Henry Starling fabric- Ready 2 Ship

for more info on how to enter the giveaway, check out this post. thanks!


Meliski said...

I can't wait until you pull names! :) I sent quite a people your way from my blog. Don't have much use for the nursing cover but I have some friends that would love a cute one like that for their baby showers!! So...YAY!

I am so glad you've had so much success! :)

Danielle said...

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you guys as you continue down this path! My husband and I brought our two daughters home at the end of September from Ethiopia, and while it has been difficult, it has also been more than amazing! I became a follower, so I can keep up with your journey!!

Anonymous said...

While it looks like the site hasn't been updated in some time, the program is very much continuing to support families in their efforts to adopt children. I definitely suggest you contact them through the site for more information on their available resources.

lesli said...

Thanks y'all! I really appreciate all the support and hope you all win some goodies :)

Danielle, I've added your 2 entries to the drawing.

Anonymous, thanks for the resource! I'll definitely check it out. I'm open for anything that will teach me about being a better adoptive mom.