Monday, June 28, 2010

an awesome adoption giveaway

ok, so i know it's monday morning but if you want something to get you excited for the week ahead, you should check out this giveaway. i mean seriously, these prizes are AMAZING!! i've already put my entries in so you better too :) i've got my heart set on the "all grown up" basket but i may have to go back and enter in some of the other ones too!

all the proceeds from the giveaway go to help a very sweet family add another family member to their clan after years of struggling with infertility. you can read more about their journey to adoption here. we know adoption is expensive so let's join another bloggy family by helping them out with some of the cost!

plus, emmy's blog is just a super fun read and she is a great source for crafty inspiration!!!


Wammy said...

I got an email from Katie R in Louisville asking me to take some time to email you. I have been in your shoes several times...foster care truly isthe most wonderful thing but then it can be one of the most challenging. Email me if you need to vent or would like to hear how wer got thru it all. Prayers to you and your family and especially the little ones.