Friday, June 18, 2010

adoption discussed today on The View

one of the first adoption blogs i started reading several years ago was rage against the minivan. it is written by kristen, who fostered then adopted her first son, has two adorable biological daughters and who just adopted her second son from haiti after the earthquake. {in fact, she was in haiti with her infant daughter visiting their sweet little guy when the earthquake hit. if you have some extra time, you should check out her blog entries from january. very scary but very compelling.}

i truly believe that God used kristen's blog to dispel a lot of myths about adoption from my mind and to encourage ryan and i along the adoption journey. she is a very eloquent writer and also has a knack for just keeping it real, and i love that. she also happens to be a therapist so she has some great insights into the underlying issues that adoptees and their families will face...especially for transracial adoption. she doesn't sugarcoat things but is still a HUGE advocate for adoption, and believes {as i do too} that all children have the right to have a family! {plus, her kids are hilarious and hearing about their crazy antics make my life seem more normal!}

well, today kristen is getting her 15 minutes of fame! she was flown from LA to NYC to be featured on "The View" to talk about her experiences with adoption. i don't normal watch The View, in fact, i usually find it very annoying but today i have my dvr set to see what kristen has to say and i hope you will too. however, while i'm interest in seeing what the show presents about adoption, i'm even more interested in getting you to read this. after taping the show, kristen was a little miffed that time flew by so quickly and she didn't really get to say everything she had hoped, so she wrote everything that she wished she had gotten to say in today's post. seriously, it brought me to tears!

if you are in the adoption process, considering adoption, have adopted or just want to know more about adoption, you should read her post!! i particularly love her point about only being able to "save" a child only once. she says that "after that, it's called parenting and it is hard work." so true, but so not the way a lot of people {sadly, including some adoptive families} perceive adoption. so far in my experiences with foster care, it's not the kids who are getting "saved" necessarily. usually, it's ryan and i who are getting saved...saved from our own selfishness.

so, do me a favor today and read her post, and let me know what you think!


Justin and Donna Brown said...

Wow! Thanks for letting know about her blog. I love her latest post!

Unknown said...

Wow! Just finished reading your post and the 'Rage against the Minvan' post! Thanks so much for sharing! I loved hearing the things she wanted to talk about! SO inspiring, encouraging and informative.

...we go to church at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, WA and her brother-in-law, Mike Howerton is our pastor. So, it was exciting to hear you share this story as well. :)

...thanks also for your note on our blog. :) ...I look foward to following you and the road to your adoption on your blog.

Big blessings,