Wednesday, February 16, 2011

still waiting.

y'all waiting stinks. truly. it just outright stinks. i know God is using this time to prune me and to show me that i am absolutely not in control of my life, but right now, i'm just ready for the wait to be over!!

we were officially filed with the embassy 2 weeks ago today and have heard nothing. however, i was excited to find out that one of the families we traveled with on our first trip and were filed the same time at the embassy, were notified yesterday of their embassy date of march 2nd. this means that they will be leaving next saturday!

i am so pumped for them and i am praying, praying, praying that our paperwork will be approved as soon as possible so we can travel back with them!!! i would love nothing more than to be on a plane to get our boy next saturday! there were 3 of us families from louisville that traveled together last time and 2 other families from around the country, and so far, i believe only the 1 family that heard yesterday have been assigned an embassy date yet. it has been our prayer all along that we can travel back with the same group so i hope this is still a possibility.

tomorrow marks 8 weeks since we said goodbye to our little boy. i can't believe it's been that long and my heart just aches to have him home! i know in the course of his lifetime, these 8 weeks are not really that significant, but all i can think about is how much we're missing out on. when we left him in december, he was a fast crawler but not yet walking. i'm guessing that by now he's probably walking and i'm a little bummed that we didn't get a chance to be around for his first steps. i'm sure he's also changed and grown so much since we last saw him too. it's been 7 weeks since we've received an updated picture of him. a lot of times when i can't sleep at night, i lay in bed and wonder how different he might look by the time we go back to get him. in baby terms a couple months is a long time!!

anyways, thanks for lifting our family up during this tough wait! hopefully we'll hear soon that we have travel clearance and we'll be on our way to bring our happy boy home SOON :)


Barry and Amy said...

Sounds like it's almost time! Barry and I keep saying how hard the waiting is but we both admit that no wait will be as hard as the one between court and embassy.

You're on the last leg! Should just be a few more days! Lifting you up in prayer!

E.faeth.adopt. said...

you are SO close. you know it is coming, right around the corner. hang in there. the closer you get the harder the wait it seems but try and enjoy these last days and find some peace and comfort in knowing what is coming your way!!

Jana said...

Oh Lesli, I can't imagine how hard this wait has been (I am dreading it myself)!! Hang in are SOOO close. I was praying for you on Sunday, and I swear, I felt this total peace that you were going to get the all clear very, very soon. I will keep praying :)

Megan said...

He is just the cutest!