Tuesday, February 8, 2011

asking BOLDLY

i can't really explain it, but for the last 2 days i have felt the urge to pray and ask God boldly for us to be cleared to travel before the end of february. i have had a stirring in my heart that has woken me up in the night and also jarred me from my daily activities to pray.

*to pray for our paperwork to be complete and for the embassy to require nothing else that might hold things up.

*to pray for easy and cheap flight arrangements to return to get our son.

*to pray for our little man's heart to be prepared to receive us as his parents.

*to pray for the friends we traveled with previously to be approved and cleared to travel soon also.

*to pray that we'd have our son home before the month is over!

and just to pray!!! i don't know what all this is about, but i'm going to be faithful to listen and to act. i cannot remember any other times that i have felt this urgency, except throughout our time fostering and in this adoption process. i know the Lord is faithful to hear our prayers, so if you want to join in, we'd definitely appreciate it! thanks :)


Barry and Amy said...

Saying a prayer and trusting in God's provision!


Praying along with you!!

Meliski said...

I sure hope you get to go soon! Maybe we'll meet in the sky! Of course that would require BOTH of us getting these elusive appointments....