Friday, February 11, 2011

no news yet...

we still haven't heard any news from our adoption agency yet regarding our embassy appointment. they told us it would be a minimum of 14 days, but to be honest, i was really hoping we'd hear something by today! although i still believe that there is a chance we can travel this month to bring our son home, it definitely would have been more realistic if we'd heard by now. we were filed with the embassy last wednesday, february 2nd, and i read 3 blogs of other families that were also filed that same day and now have travel plans already. while obviously i'm excited for them, i'm ready to hear myself!! it's been a LONG 7+ weeks and i miss my baby :(

in the meantime, i'm trying to keep myself busy and get prepared for our next trip. ryan is traveling to atlantic city for work 3 days next week and won't be around to help, so i'm hoping to have quite the productive weekend! we already have 2 bags packed full of donations for the orphanages and transition house but that's about it. yesterday, i spent most of my lunch break milling around t@rget picking up last minute things we need. i hope to focus this weekend on continuing to nest {ryan's favorite thing i've been doing lately!} and packing greer's suitcase. i currently have 3 to do lists that i'm working on - 1 for packing, 1 for preparing our home, and 1 for preparing to take time off from the office.

my packing list is quite extensive since this trip we're going to need to pack a bag for our little man too. it would be much easier if i knew what size clothes or diapers he's currently wearing, but honestly, i have no clue! when we were with him in december, he was wearing a mixture of 3-6 month clothes and 6-9 month clothes, and size 2 diapers. i'm hoping that with the extra care and individualized attention he's been receiving at the west sands' transition home, he's hopefully packed on several pounds, but only time will tell. so, since i'm a planner by nature, you best believe i'm going to be packing a large assortment of clothes, diapers, and all the other necessities!

i have composed my packing list based off of those who have traveled before me i'm hoping i'm not missing anything. one great suggestion that i received from another blog {i can't remember which}, and most of the reason i was at t@rget yesterday, was to take the pl@ytex bottles with drop-in liners instead of traditional bottles. since we will have limited access to facilities to clean his bottles while traveling, i thought this was a great suggestion! i bought 3 of these bottles, 10 nipples, and 100 liners so that the bottle cleaning process will be much quicker throughout the trip. i'm also taking the individual gerber graduates bowls with lids so that i can put his individual servings of rice cereal in there and seal them back up when he's finished. this trip will be my first ever by plane with a child so if you have any tips, feel free to send them my way!!

as far as continuing to get our house ready, i still have quite a bit of things to put away or find homes for from our showers. i hope to knock out a bit of that this weekend so that things will be somewhat organized for when we return home. also on my list is pulling out the highchair from our garage and cleaning it so it's ready for use when we get back home. it's weird to think about having a highchair in the kitchen again after it's been gone for several months, but i'm looking forward to the clutter!! life with kids in the house is so much louder and more interesting :) i also have a bunch of paperwork to file and want to get started on compiling the necessary paperwork for completing our taxes. we've been told that since we passed court in 2010, we can claim the adoption tax credit for this past year but we will need some paperwork from our 2nd trip before we can file. so, while we can't knock out our taxes ahead of time, at least i can be prepared to send them off as soon as we get home.

so, without continuing to bore you, that's how i'm keeping myself busy and preoccupied these days until we get word to travel to bring home our son! what about you? anything exciting going on these days? i hope you have a great weekend!!


Matt and Jess said...

So I totally stock your blog multiple times a day to see if y'all have heard anything! Because my hopes are that we will hear something soon after you! :) The wait is HARD, but I have to keep reminding myself to trust God's timing. Praying y'all hear something soon!!!

my life: said...

SO not bored! :0)
excitedly waiting with you.
I think you are doing an awesome job of being's SO hard, especially once you have met them. We waited for Grace for 10mo after meeting her! SUPER hard. Also excited that you have the sweet life inside of you to take the edge off. ;0)
Love the updates and thanks for always sharing immediately...that there has been no news, it saves me from skimming and then rereading. :0)

e.faeth.adopt. said...

oh you are getting SOOO close!!!!

The Koen Family said...

Oh, I hope you hear when you will get to travel to get that cutie pie VERY soon! Our precious girl has been home 4 weeks today and it's been incredible! My husband traveled to get our baby girl by himself (although ya'll will be traveling together, hopefully!) and a good tip we read somewhere was, for the plane ride, to put the powdered formula in the disposable liners, roll then down, and put them all rolled like that in a storage baggie, that way there is no scooping and messing with the powder on the plane. Just pull out a new liner that already has the powdered formula in it. He said it was so nice! Also, a front carrier saved his life. He didn't take a stroller. The front carrier kept his hands free and from having to mess with the stroller and luggage. Happy packing and nesting! ....i have a great packing list another mom sent me if you like it, but I'm sure you've got it covered!