Friday, February 4, 2011

prayer for R & P

happy friday, y'all! i have a busy weekend ahead of me, but am looking forward to it as this week has been a tough one.

i can't really go into the details of it all, but i would just like to ask for prayer for our former foster sons R & P. we got the opportunity to see R on wednesday night, and that was awesome, but has also led to a chain of events that we aren't really sure how to handle. if you think of it, please pray for the boys' protection and also for wisdom of the foster care system to properly handle the situation. ryan and i also covet your prayers for wisdom for us as we may be faced with some difficult decisions.

any way, one step at a time. please just pray. i wish i could just vomit out all the details of the situation and get some godly advice, but for the security and protection of the boys' story, i don't feel comfortable sharing any thing else.

thanks, friends!!


Barry and Amy said...

Praying! May the Lord give everyone involved discernment!

Deena said...

Praying in Wisconsin!!! Hang in there. I can't wait to follow your amazing journey to its will all work out - blessings!

Amber said...


Praying for a happy ending for R & P. Doggone it.

Praying for choices you're faced with...

Hugs & Prayers