Monday, February 21, 2011


after i picked ryan up from the airport on friday, we went for an early evening ice cream cone at graeter's, my favorite! i haven't had ice cream in many, many weeks so this was a wonderful treat since sweet stuff seems to be at the top of my cravings list lately. following the ice cream, i can neither confirm nor deny that i also ate a cookie after dinner... regardless, it was great to have ryan home again and we had a fun night hanging out and enjoying our last few weeks without kids!

i finally got started and finished the mobile for greer's room. it's not perfect or my favorite craft project ever, but it was very quick and easy so i can't really expect much else. one more thing off my pre-ethiopia check list, yipee! i'll post pictures whenever we find our camera.

we still haven't found our camera. see item above...

ryan reffed his last wrestling tournament of the season this weekend. i'm glad to get my husband back on weekends but a little sad to see the extra cash flow go out the window!

i spent yesterday evening helping my little brother with an annotated bibliography for his college english class in exchange for him putting together greer's train table that he got for christmas. sadly, this made me really miss college. i've forgotten how much i love MLA!

i had my gestational diabetes test and regular charlotte check up today. too bad i thought the GD test was scheduled for next week and ate a bowl of sugary cereal this morning. yikes! i think the 3 hour glucose test is in my near future but i won't know for sure for a few days :( however, charley is right on target with growth, fetal activity and her heart beat, so we're very thankful for that! 27 weeks down and 13 more to go!!

at the doctor's office, i pestered my OB about my travel dates to ethiopia again. she has permissed me to travel through my 30th week...which means that we would need to be home around march 19th at the latest. that's 1 week longer than we were previously told so i'm alright with that but still praying that we'll get travel clearance much sooner!!

upon leaving the doctor's, i wandered the hospital parking lot {my OB's office is at our local hospital} for a good 5 minutes looking for my car. yep, pregnancy brain has hit in full effect! {for further proof, just know that i actually googled "full moon schedule, louisville, ky" one day last week to figure out if there were any full moons around my due date. i kinda forgot that the moon is the same everywhere so my city location was not necessary :)}

i'm looking forward to going to the little treasure's consignment sale tomorrow to pick up a few more things for our kiddos. i've been to the sale once before prior to when we started fostering and they had a lot of great stuff for super cheap. thanks to a sweet friend, i'm even getting to go to the pre-sale for consignors early. i can't wait to see what bargains await me!