Wednesday, February 23, 2011

still nothing.

we are still waiting to hear something/anything regarding our file at the embassy, and to be honest, i'm not waiting well today. i feel a bit like eeyore. everything is seemingly off today and i hate days like this. {hence, the uk game. ugh, another loss on the road!}

last night i tossed and turned all night, dreaming that today would be the day we got the call with our travel clearance. not the case though!

we were hoping to hear at least hear something, even potentially bad news, as our agency sent a representative today to ask about the pending cases, but we've gotten no news or updates yet. i'm really not trying to be dramatic or anything, but this is just really hard! it's been 9 weeks since we passed court and we've watched lots of other families that have passed court with us or after us already come home with kids. i am happy for them, i really am, but i would love to just know something about our case!! even if the embassy reported that they need more paperwork for our case, at least we'd know that they have our file. i'm beginning to wonder if our file has wandered off somewhere or if it's stuck in a large pile somewhere never to be seen again.

i'm not sure what's going on with us in particular, but i do know that we're not alone. there are several other families with our agency still waiting too and i feel for them as well. last night i laid in bed and prayed a good portion of my restless night that all the waiting families with our agency would have be cleared today. obviously, that was not God's least not yet.

i know that God is always faithful to finish the things He has started, especially when we've seen His prints all over this process for us so far, but i just hope our resolution comes soon. i've got about 2 more weeks left to travel and then ryan will be left to his own devices to get greer home. despite believing that he can definitely do it, i know ryan is terrified to bring greer home alone so i'm praying so hard that this won't be the case. plus, i want to see all our sweet ethiopian friends and the beautiful country again!!

so, that is where i'm at. struggling with patience. no surprise there i guess! but here's to hoping that tomorrow might bring some new news...


e.faeth.adopt. said...

hang in there . i can only imagine how heartwrenching this wait is for you. i keep checking here for your NEWS update!! : )