Wednesday, November 10, 2010

an update on Greer

a week or so ago, i was reading another waiting mom's blog that i've been reading for a little while now. i knew from following her story that she was going to ethiopia for court but i was absolutely floored when i read one of her trip updates to see that she was at our little guy's orphanage visiting her son!! with her son only being a few months older than our little greer, i anxiously sent her an email to find out if she could have possibly had any contact with him while she was visiting her son.

to my delight, i received this response from her last night:

"Oh, I certainly know that face!!! I cuddled with him for a moment, when he stopped moving for two seconds... He is a mover and shaker. He did not want to sit still for a moment and was crawling around the room the entire time. Big smiles as the staff tried to catch him to return him to the mattress. He looks healthy and well. Rest assured he is in good hands."

it looks like we're going to have our hands full, huh?

i mean talk about something making my day!! i don't really know how to explain waiting to meet a child you love with all your heart but don't even know, but the feelings are definitely very real. little things like the email above mean so much. just to know even the tiniest bit more about our little guy helps ease the anxiety of the wait. plus, just hearing her words about him being happy, smiley and busy, just makes my heart warm!

thanks, laura for the note :) you made my day week!


Stunning- said...

How wonderful!

Trish said...

It is amazing to hear news of your little guy...but you have had practice in boys that are movers and shakers, right? That was definitely a God moment that she was at his orphanage and knew exactly who he was...not by concidence, but God driven. Can't wait to hear more about Greer!

Anonymous said...

How awesome that you were able to get such a first hand experience update! yay!