Wednesday, November 17, 2010

happy 1st birthday little man!

i'm sorry that i'm just now getting a chance to blog about this, but our little man's 1st birthday was on sunday. what a bittersweet day!! it was so exciting to think about how this time last year we didn't even know he existed and now God has given us the privilege of falling in love with him from afar. however, it was also sad to think that we could not be together to celebrate such a sweet occasion together.

on sunday little greer was pretty much all i could think about. {well, that's somewhat true of any day though!} i wanted so badly just to hop a flight to ethiopia and be there to usher his wonderful day in with a big cupcake, lots of brightly packaged gifts, and the singing of our special family birthday song. obviously this was not possible and would probably have freaked him out any way, but it was a nice thought :)

i did have plans to make a fuss over greer's birthday and have a little celebration in lieu of his presence, but things just didn't work out. ryan ended up being out of town for a very fun reunion with some really great guy friends from college, so i was pretty much solo most of sunday. plus, i have just been feeling tired a lot lately so i took it upon myself to veg out most of sunday evening. we did however have a little celebration at lunch on sunday though because my little brother stuart also had a birthday this weekend. stu turned 19 on saturday and we got to celebrate his special day as a family on sunday afternoon. during our celebration, my mom and dad gave me a few gifts to open up in honor of little greer's big day. it made me feel closer to our little guy and definitely reminded me that it won't be long {Lord willing}, until he's home with us forever!

so, even though it's overdue...HAPPY BIRTHDAY little boy!!! we're coming to meet you in less than a month! WOOHOO!!


Brooke said...

So excited for you, and so glad to be able to walk the journey with you!! I'm so excited for you all!!

Bethany said...

Seriously exciting that it's only a month away!!!!! Glad you got to celebrate with your family- how sweet of them to shower you with some b-day gifts in honor of your SON! =) Wish you could've come to Lex, we missed you!