Monday, November 29, 2010

ramblings in bullet form has it really been a week since i've typed anything in this blog? i guess so. sorry for the silence but i feel like my brain and my body are each being pulled into 100 different directions. we had an absolutely wonderful thanksgiving weekend, but i'm in the post holiday daze today for sure. i honestly hit my snooze button so many times this morning that i thought i was going to cause my alarm clock to malfunction. overall, our little family participated in 5 thanksgiving dinners. yep, my stomach definitely is showing evidence of all that food!!

so, since i have lots to say but i don't have the wherewithal to actually type a cohesive update, i thought i'd just post some ramblings in bullet form. bear with me!

  • we are only 2.5 weeks away from our departure for ethiopia!!! i can't believe it's sneaking up on us so quickly but i'm pretty sure i'd board a plane today, no luggage or anything, if i could.
  • i'm currently in my 15th week of pregnancy and am very hungry. ha! i had several people tell me over the weekend that i'm starting to show. i have mixed feelings on that. on one hand, i love seeing my body change because i know our little peanut is growing and doing her {or his} thing, but on the other, i'm thinking about how massive i'll probably be by the time we can go back to ethiopia to get greer. thinking about sitting on a plane for 17+ hours straight twice in one week while feeling/looking like a beluga whale doesn't sound super fun but i know it's worth it!
  • i have maxed out my free subscription to pandora radio already for the month. this makes me really sad because i was really loving listening to christmas music pretty much 24/7, and i don't have anything good on my iphone. i guess i'll have to stick it out the next day or so with no festive music. boo.
  • ryan and i have made the difficult decision not to put up our christmas tree this year :( i know that it may sound bad, but we really don't want the headache of taking it down after we get back from ethiopia. plus, with us being gone a whole week leading up to christmas, our time is precious so we decided just to decorate the rest of the house but not worry about the tree. i feel like this is majorly anti-christmas but then i just remind myself that the real meaning of christmas has nothing to do with a christmas tree!
  • i have been begging my husband for the last several weeks to paint greer's room, but it's still not done. this is not necessarily my husband's fault but really just a testimony to how insanely busy we've been. i cannot wait though to begin decorating and pulling together our little man's room! we've already purchase his crib, bedding and have some wonderful window treatments on order courtesy of my mother-in-law. i haven't done anything crafty in WAY TOO LONG so i've got a few things up my sleeve for our little man that i'm excited to share when i'm done with them.
  • i am almost done with my christmas shopping! i know, you can be jealous :) this never happens to me but i've done so much of it online this year that it really saved me a lot of time. plus the pressure is really on to get everything purchased soon because of our trip so that i can wrap everything before we leave. i doubt that i will want to wrap when we get back to kentucky at 6:30 p.m. on christmas eve!
  • last night my sister and i played matchmaker, and i think it went pretty well! we set up one of ryan's sweet cousins with one of my sister's co-workers. my sister, her husband, ryan, and i all went along on the date so it wouldn't be super awkward but between our two crazy husbands, they might have made it worse! oh well, it seems that both parties liked the other so we'll see what happens from here on out...
  • we will be finding out the gender of our little girl {or guy} on december 10th, and the anxiety is killing me! i can't wait to finally know if i should begin whipping out some more hair bows or if i need to let that dream go for a little while. ryan and i are still trying to decide on a creative way to tell our families so your input is appreciated!!
  • we are still in the middle of collecting items to take with us to ethiopia for the after school program/transition home for our agency, arise for children. if you are interested in helping out, please let me know. we've received a lot of school supplies and a brand, spanking new printer/scanner combo so far, so we're pretty excited about that. i can't wait to fill our bags with all the goodies for the kids over there!
ok, enough random ramblings for now. i have every intention of writing a post about thanksgiving and everything i'm thankful for this year but i'm not sure if those intentions will pan out or not. i hope so!

enjoy your second to last day of november :)


~Sarah~ said...

So here are my comments in the same form as your post, Ha!!

1. I want to give you some stuff to take to Ethiopia for the kiddos, so send me a message and let me know what you still need/want?

2. I can get your ornaments to you at the same time. I was thinking of writing Greer's name on one if you don't care with the year 2011 since that is when he will come home. Is that okay?

3. I am SO HAPPY for you and Ryan and can't wait to hear all about your trip and see some pictures!!

4. To tell your family the sex you could make snow pops. I read about them on a blog I read and it would be super cute. They sound REALLY easy to make. They are like little cake balls on a stick rolled in melted chocolate (that you add food coloring too, so you could make some pink ones and blues one and then pass them out)

5. Lastly, feel free to use your match making skills on me anytime, Ha!! Sorry, I could help myself, LOL

Jana said...

The cutest way I have heard of announcing the baby's gender was from some friends of ours. They baked a cake, decorated it on the outside with "Boy or Girl?", and had all their friends/family over. Then they cut the cake and it was blue inside (obviously a boy). I thought that was really creative (and yummy!). Good luck...the suspense nearly killed me both times! One of the bonuses to adopting...choosing the gender and knowing all along, lol!

lesli said...

thanks for your input, ladies!! i love the cake idea and we've been kicking it around quite a bit so that's probably what we're going to do :)

sarah, sorry i've been slacking! i'm going to email you back TODAY!!