Thursday, November 18, 2010

packing lists

ok, i've been trying to hold off on thinking about our trip for as long as possible but now that we're less than a month away, i can no longer stand it!! plus, with thanksgiving next week and a very busy schedule leading up to christmas, the planner in me is ready to get the ball rolling on some things.

so, if you have been to ethiopia recently {or even not necessarily recently}, would you please send me your packing list from your trip? keep in mind, this is just our first trip so we won't get to bring our little man home but i would still love to see any suggestions you have!

i've started my list but i know there are many things i'm missing!! please email me your lists at mrsleslisweeney {at} yahoo {dot} com. thanks a million!

ps- as i'm thinking about getting packed for the trip, don't forget that we're going to be taking donations for eyes that see in ethiopia when we go. if you'd like to help stock up this awesome organization, please email me about that also. here's my previous post about the things we're collecting. merci beacoup!


Barry and Amy said...

So excited for you guys!

Meliski said...

I have heard, from people who have traveled several times, that pepto bismol is a MUST! They drink a serving a day, to coat their stomachs before eating suspicious food for the day, and they have never been sick. They swear by this. I'm taking some whenever we finally go!

lesli said...

great tip, Melissa! i'm going to buy stock in that if it keeps us healthy :)