Monday, November 8, 2010

a bun in the oven

i just want to say thanks for all your sweet comments and encouragement over greer's soon to be baby brother or sister!! this has been such an exciting time for ryan and i, and we are so grateful to have friends and family who support not only our adoption but now our second addition.

since i've been keeping this secret for some time now, i figure i can finally publicly gush about baby #2, so here goes nothing!

i found out that i was pregnant on thursday, september 23rd. i was totally not expecting it {or planning on it for that matter} but after the initial shock wore off, we were thrilled! all that week prior to finding out, i had been feeling like i was coming down with the flu. however, that was also the week we spent hanging out in the hospital with R because of his foot surgery, so i just figured i picked something up in the waiting room of the ER or elsewhere in the hospital. i was tired, cranky, achy, and also a little late. ryan had been sleeping at the hospital with R since tuesday so we hadn't had a lot of alone time together and i didn't even get a chance to mention to him that i thought i might take a pregnancy test.

thursday morning, i took the first test and could not believe it when i saw the two pink lines turn up! in disbelief, i got in the shower, started getting ready for my normal day, and then took another test expecting contradictory results. not the case! i took a third test, just to be sure and soon enough i was finally convinced. unfortunately, because of R being in the hospital, i did not get a chance to tell ryan until thursday night because i really wanted to tell him alone and in person. thankfully, R was released from the hospital that day and both boys headed off to their mom's house that night for their usual overnight visit.

after we dropped the boys off, we usually went to grab dinner out together but i had a plan for that night instead. i told ryan that i accidentally left my cell phone at home and wanted to run back to get it. while we were at home, i ran upstairs "to get my phone", and asked ryan to get something out of the oven that i forgot to take out for some friends at church that recently had a baby. when he opened the oven, i had placed a lone hamburger bun on a cookie sheet in the oven. from the stairs i watched him open the oven and then close it again kind of perplexed. he asked me if this was a joke, and i replied, "NO!". he looked really confused and opened the oven again. he began questioning why i would just be taking one hamburger bun to our friends. he thought i was just teasing him and was very confused.

we bantered back and forth for several minutes about the "bun in the oven". ryan kept saying, "i see there's a bun in the oven, but why? is this some kind of joke?". he was getting borderline frustrated and i'm pretty convinced that he thought i had lost all my marbles. apparently "a bun in the oven" is not a common phrase to my dear husband :) finally i said to him, "ryan, don't you understand? there's a bun in MY oven!", and he got it. at that moment he went completely pale and i thought he was going to pass out right there in the kitchen. he kept saying, "are you serious?", "are you serious?". after a few tears were shed, i gave him a small gift, complete with some neutral color newborn onesies, my pregnancy tests and a card.

in true ryan and lesli fashion, the secret was out and my husband finally knew the good news i had been hiding all day! it was a fun experience and definitely memorable :)


Barry and Amy said...

How precious!

Amber said...

Too bad we don't live closer, I'd run right over and give you a hug and we'd laugh! Cute story!! Oh the fun you're about to embark on being parents of TWO!! :) Sweet congratulations!!

Brooke said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! I just laughed and laughed OUT LOUD thinking of Ryan getting frustrated and then so EXCITED!! It is so hard to keep the secret!! How many weeks are you? I'm so excited for you!!

Trish said...

you so funny gal!!!!
I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see his expression and your way of explaining "a bun in the oven"! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!

Sara said...

A friend sent me over here telling me that we had somethings in common about our adoption journeys...So glad I popped over! We too, are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia (much earlier in the process than you) and just found out I'm pregnant! What a fun journey to be on! So glad to know I'm not the only "Adopting & Pregnant" girl out there! Congrats!