Monday, November 22, 2010

christmas cards time!

every year i look forward to selecting and mailing out our annual sweeney family christmas cards. this year is no different! i have already picked out my cards of choice and have begged my sweet husband several times to get a hair cut so we can take a picture for our 2010 card.

this year i'm particularly excited about our christmas cards because the wonderful folks at are offering free cards to bloggers. i mean, come on, what's better than that?

i've used shutterfly for 3 out of my last 4 christmas cards, and they are by far my favorite source of wonderful cards. their selection and layouts are much better {and cheaper} than many of the other card sites so you can't beat that!

as a recap, here are some of our previous shutterfly cards:




do you notice a changing trend with our cards? until last year, we always featured a photo of our beloved dogs every year on our cards, but last year, they did not make the cut. ha! i guess kids trump dogs :) i still haven't decided if they should make an appearance on our 2010 cards or not. i guess i'll see how photogenic they are feeling this year.

hopefully, our 2010 cards will be hot off the press some time soon...depending on whether or not my husband gets a haircut sometime soon! we're rapidly losing time before leaving for ethiopia to get them done so i need to get my order in soon. yikes!

so, in case you've never visited shutterfly are some of the cute items on shutterfly's website that i've been checking out lately:

photo calendars for 2011:

want to join in on the fun? blog about shutterfly's wonderful services and follow this link for your 50 free cards!! yay!


WildFlowers said...

such sweet Fam photos. thanks for sharing :) !!