Thursday, August 5, 2010

a-stan: day 2

seriously, today was awesome!! we had such an amazing time away from the city and spent it in a village {B.A.} where our organization has been serving for some time now. i visited there almost exactly 2 years ago on my last trip, which you can read about here. it's amazing to see how much progress has been made in those 2 short years, yet how much work is still left to be done. the people of this country are still hurting so deeply from being in over 30 years of war, suffering from poverty, oppression of women, etc. however, days like today remind me that God is sovereign and He is at work in this land and has been doing so since the beginning of time.

i wish i could describe the magnitude of the beauty of this place! it is surrounded by mountains upon mountains, and they are beyond majestic! i used my flip video to capture some of the beautiful children and the scenery but i promise the pictures and video do not do this place justice!! here's a cute video of the kids as we were loading up in the car to go home:

while at B.A., we got to tour the community and visit the school, clinic, site of the deep well, and a widow's home that was built by our organization. what a humbling experience! simply americans, we have no clue how much we have! even our poorest communities are blessed well beyond many of these families. the kids were flocking to us at the school and we had a good time taking pictures of them, playing hand clap games, and trying to communicate :)

i am trying to begin decompressing many of my thoughts from this trip but it's still only day 2. my prayer is that God would continue to show our team the things He wants us to see and hear while we are in this country so that we may be able to help mobilize resources and others for this country as well. i am so humbled to have the opportunity to be in this country, amongst friends, not just once but twice now! when i arrived at the guesthouse yesterday and got to see many of our organization's staff, i felt right at home which is definitely a God thing :) if you know me, i hate being hot {the guesthouse has no AC}, i'm not adventurous when it comes to new food {i tried a super yummy eggplant dish tonight}, and i don't handle dust and dirt real well {hello - that's all there is here}. however, despite all of those things, i would not want to be anywhere else right now and that makes all those other things seem ridiculously minimal!

so, that's all for now! i'm the last one still up so i better head to bed. nighty night!