Friday, August 27, 2010

expecting from ethiopia

custom adoption stamped necklace.
that's right. we're expecting from ethiopia and now i'm a proud owner of the above necklace to show it to the world! i can't wait to get it in the mail :) isn't it just cute? i've been loving this necklace for months but was unsure whether or not to purchase it or to just wait until we have a referral and then get something with our little one's name. however, when i went to stalk this necklace on etsy again yesterday, i was convinced to take the plunge and purchase the necklace when i saw that 100% of the proceeds would go to help this family adopt. what can i say, it was a total win-win situation!! if you're interested in a necklace of your own, you should check out nicole's shop. here it is: adorable stuff!!

so, we're still in the expecting news on a referral yet and the wait is getting a bit harder each day, but we're expecting it any time :) our dossier has officially been in ethiopia for over 2 months now, which is about the minimum time we were guessing we'd wait... {our agency tells families to expect to wait approximately 2-6 months for a referral. we are praying for only 2 months!}

although the wait has not been unbearable so far, i still continue to wonder each day if we're going to be adding a little boy or girl to our family. we have been casually kicking around a boy's name for a couple months now but i am ready to know for sure what to call our child. {we'd love to keep their ethiopian name if possible but aren't opposed to changing it to an english name either...we're just waiting to see what their given name is.} come on, can you say monogram? i think i might lose control and monogram everything we own when we pass court with our child!! plus, if we're adding a sweet, little girl to our family, we still need to decide on a girl's name and start buying pink!

overall, it just seems like the last 2 years of our lives have been spent praying for our unknown children and i can't wait to begin praying for at least one known child!! while we know that God already knows the number of hairs on our child's head, and He knows who we're talking about when we're praying...we want to know our child too :)

anyway, waiting is never easy for me but i am trying to persevere and trust that the Lord's timing is perfect. this verse has been encouraging me along the journey and i hope it will encourage you to wait on the Lord too:

"so you, by the help of your God, return, hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually for your God". -hosea 12:6

in the meantime, i'll just keep expecting and praying, and i hope you'll do the same!


Bethany said...

i LOVE your necklace!!!!!! LOVE IT! and funny story for you- I saw one of the couples that you follow who just adopted from Ethiopia (i think thru Arise) at the big consignment sale this week! i told my friend- "omg, i know them! well, i blog-stalked them from my friend lesli's blogroll!" ... lol

lesli said...

haha, that's awesome! every time we go to the airport to welcome a family home from ethiopia, i have that same experience :) how are things coming for you guys? still planning on beginning once jonah is one? we may be calling you all to see if you want our yard sale leftovers!

wildflowers said...

hey! just wanted to say thank you for following our blog.

we just joined to follow yours as well.