Friday, August 20, 2010

orphan sunday

did you know that november 7th, 2010 is orphan sunday?

i am pretty excited about it and am hoping to somehow get our church involved. however, since i've never been to a church that's focused on orphan sunday, i am still brainstorming exactly what that would look like. so, i'm wondering if any of you have any experience with orphan sunday or any input that would be helpful in getting a small, young, yet Christ-focused church on fire for orphan care. if you do, please send ideas my way!! thanks :)


Life with Lucy said...

Hey les! I went to the actual Orphan Sunday taping last year as it was in Nashville- it was so incredible. BUT I think that it is really easy to have an event at your church to watch the webcast live. It wouldn't be too difficult to plan- just advertise and find someone to take care of the tech. stuff for you.
For Orphan Sunday last year, our church had an "organization fair" between all of the services out in the hallways, and then had a lunch after the last service where the 2 women from 147million orphans spoke and did a presentation. I don't know how feasible something like that would be, but I think doing the webcast would be powerful enough to get the ball rolling at your church!

lesli said...

awesome, thanks haley :) hope you're doing well on the other side of the world!! praying for you, sister.