Monday, August 23, 2010

another awesome giveaway

you've got to check out this awesome giveaway over at the mathews family blog. i just bought my entries for the giveaway and hope you will too! although secretly i didn't want to share about the giveaway because i want to win, i can't keep this awesome prize pack a secret :) it's another awesome way that little by little, we can help support bringing another orphan into a loving family. you can enter the drawing for $5 and get other entries for posting about the giveaway as well. go here to see all the amazing prizes (including one of our One Less tees)!!

**speaking of the tees, we're placing a reorder for the shirts today. please let me know if you would like a shirt as this will most likely be our last order!! thanks so much for all your support so far. the shirts have provided for many of the extra expenses {like those lovely vaccinations!} that we were not ready to pay for...