Monday, August 16, 2010

laid up

that's right...i'm spending the day laid up in the hospital :( i started not feeling great friday night but had hoped it was just travelers' stomach stuff and that i'd be on my feet before the weekend was over. however, after staying down and out for most of the day saturday and sunday, we decided it was time to head to the ER last night. {i'll spare you all the gross details but boy am i glad i got to the hospital when i did!!}

after having a CT scan, they determined that i have colitis possibly caused by bringing home some little friends from afghanistan. i had a pretty rough night but am feeling much better now that I've been pumped with a cocktail of antibiotics and fluids all night. i'm supposed to be seen by a GI doc today and they're hoping my labs will reveal exactly what i need to be treated for. so far, they are kicking around giardia or amoebas but we don't know for sure...

in the meantime, i'm just pretending that i'm hanging out at a hotel...napping, watching tv, reading, etc. i'll be on this little "vacation" until at least tomorrow so once again ryan is caring the burden of daddy duty. all I can say is that i'm a lucky girl! he's taking good care of me and the boys so I couldn't ask for more.


Danielle said...

feel better friend!

lesli said...

thanks girl :)